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DIY Black & Gold Photo Booth

DIY Black & Gold Photo Booth


Photo booths are all the rage, and they make for a great addition to your party décor, so add one to the party space of your next celebration! They are relatively easy and inexpensive to set up, and they make for great entertainment for your guests. Plus, your guests get to take home cool party favors that will last a lifetime! A black and gold photo booth theme works well with any type of theme or celebration, whether it’s a birthday party, wedding event or New Year’s party. Follow these step by step instructions to put together a black a gold photo booth for your next event!

 DIY Photo Booth

Necessary Supplies:

-2 gold metallic fringe door curtains

-2 black metallic fringe door curtains

-1 set of black fluffy decorations

-1 black and gold pennant banner (optional)

-1 small table

-1 black cloth

-1 gold picture frame

-1 set of black and gold props on a stick

-1 gold bucket

-An open wall in your party space


Step 1:

Once you have found the perfect location for your photo booth within your party space, it’s time to start constructing it! Take both of your gold fringe door curtains and hold them against the open wall, side by side, just high enough for the bottom of the fringe to lightly brush the floor. Once you have them in the ideal position, attach them to the wall using an adhesive that won’t harm your walls, such as sticky tack or painter’s tape.

DIY Photo Booth Step 1

Step 2:

Next, take the black fringe door curtains and hang them the same way you hung the gold door curtains, placing them directly on top of the gold curtains. Once the black fringe curtains are hung, separate the black fringe from the gold fringe and drape them to each side of the decoration, creating a curtain effect. Secure the draped black fringe door curtains using black ribbon, rope or hair tie, and attach it to the wall using a small piece of tape. 

DIY Photo Booth Step 2

Step 3:

The next step is to add your black fluffy decorations. First you must construct the tissue decorations by following the directions on the packaging. However, it’s best to keep one side of the decoration flat so that it is easier to attach the decorations to the flat wall.

Once the decorations are “fluffed,” attach tape in four spots on the backside, and gently attach each one to the wall. Be sure to fluff up each decoration after they have been attached, as they may flatten from trying to secure them to the wall.

Step 4:

Place a small table next to the photo booth for guests to easily access the photo booth props. Place the black cloth over the table, and set the picture frame and gold bucket of props on top of the table. Be sure to print out a piece of paper that reads “Photo Booth” to set in the frame.

DIY Photo Booth Step 4

Step 5 (optional):

If you want to add more decorations for your photo booth, hang the black and gold pennant banner across the top of the photo booth backdrop. Secure using clear tape, making sure the tape is lying on top of the other decorations and not your wall, as it will rip off the paint.

DIY Photo Booth Final

Step 6:

Snap away! Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of all your guests, or set out a Polaroid camera for guests to take their own pictures. 


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