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DIY Golf Party

DIY Golf Party


Turn any party into a “par-tee” by adding a golf theme to it! Perfect for a special golf outing, charity event or birthday party, these party ideas will help you put together a flawless golf party setting. All you need is the party space, a few golf themed decorations and some sweet treats in order to have a party that is up to par. Follow these steps to creating an unforgettable golf party!


Step 1: Figure out the details.

The first thing you need to do when planning any party is to get all of your details straightened out. Figure out the who, what, where and when. Who is the party for? What is the party about? Maybe the golf outing is for a charity event and needs an after party, or maybe the party is for Dad’s 60th birthday. Where is the party going to be? Will you be throwing the party at the golf course or in your own home? When will the party be? Once you have figured out these details, your next move is to make a guest list and send out golf theme invitations to everyone on that list.


Step 2: Embellish the party space with a mixture of green, white and golf theme decorations.

You’ll want to prepare your party décor ahead of time, especially if you are planning a big event. The bigger the party space, the more decorations you are going to need. Follow the golf theme and purchase a mixture of golf theme decorations with green and white decorations. Start by decorating the snack table, or for a larger event, the dining tables. Use neon green table covers to place over the dining table(s) or snack table.  Add a green tissue grass mat as a table centerpiece, or combine several grass mats as a table runner for the snack table. On top of the grass mat, place a golf ball centerpiece decoration.

Because no party is complete without balloons, you can add golf balloons to the snack table, or use them on either side of the entranceway to the party area. Balloons in the entryway will ensure the guests know exactly where the party is!

Start throwing some hanging decorations into the mix by making your own white and green garland with crepe paper streamers. Cut a long piece of white crepe paper to your desired length, and cut a piece of green crepe paper of the same length. Lay the streamers on top of each other and twist them together to create a green and white spiraled garland. You can drape this garland off the front of your snack table or hang it around the entire party space. Furthermore, hang green fan decorations from the ceiling around the party area, or behind the snack table.


Step 3: Add in golf themed paper goods.

Your guests are going to be eating at your golf party, so you’ll want your golf tableware to coordinate with the rest of your party décor. Find golf themed paper plates and mix and match them with green napkins and golf paper cups. Set these paper goods on the snack table for guests to serve themselves with appetizers or desserts. For a cute decoration that also functions as a silverware holder, take a few glass bowls—similar to fish bowls—and fill them with plastic golf balls and tees. Roll your silverware into the green napkins you’ve picked out, and stick the sets of silverware into the glass bowls. Or, if your party is a large event, such as a charity event or banquet, you can use the glass bowls with golf balls and tees as table centerpieces. Just add a bouquet of white or yellow flowers to each one.


Step 4: Set out your snacks and get ready for some fun!

Now that you have decorated your party space and have your tableware ready to go, all you need to do is add the food, the guests, and some fun! Set out appetizers on your snack table and make sure there are plenty of refreshments for your guests. Depending on the type of party, you may want to plan a few activities for your guests to partake in. Set up a few outdoor games, such as mini golf, bags, etc. Wait for your guests to arrive and enjoy a party that is sure to be a hole-in-one!



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