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DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes


We’ve all come across our fair share of overpriced Halloween costumes. It’s difficult to justify purchasing an expensive costume if you only plan to wear it one time. There is a cheaper alternative to wearing a Halloween costume and that is making your own! Rather than spending the money on a full, head-to-toe Halloween costume, you can purchase costume accessories separately and put them together to create your own version of a costume. Finish off the costume with articles of clothing your already own, or visit your nearest thrift store to find something inexpensive. This will also ensure that your costume is unique! Here are a few tips on DIY Halloween costumes!



If you plan on going as a pirate for Halloween, it’s all about the accessories. The most important costume accessory you will need is a pirate hat and/or a bandana. Next, you’ll need an eye patch and a gold hoop earring. For a top, you could get away with using your father or husband’s loose-fitting white button up shirt and adding a thick belt around the waist to cinch it. Or, you could easily find a Bohemian style blouse to wear. Add any type of pants, some boots and you’re almost good to go! To complete your pirate look, add a pirate sword—and not just any pirate sword, but a LED light-up sword! Kids will especially love this accessory, and it will help them to be seen at night. 



A witch is a classic Halloween costume that will never go out of style. Simply put together a witch costume with just a few accessories! Of course, you’ll need a witch hatto start. Face paintis also an important accessory for a witch. Paint your entire face green and add dark eye makeup for a daring—and intimidating—witch look. Now all you really need to finish off your witch costume is a black dress. Wear any type of black dress you already have hanging in your closet. If you want to step up your game a bit, you can add a black wig or white hair extensions—or both! You can also add fish net gloves for an edgy witch look.



To be a Viking for Halloween, you really only need a few accessories. A Viking hat will let everyone know you are dressed as a Viking. If you’re a girl, wear your hair in braids and if you’re a guy, strap on a fake beard—unless you already have one. For clothing, you can wear anything fur, as well as dark, earthy colors. Add brown or black boots, too! Top off your costume with a silver chain necklace and an axe.



If you have a cat obsession and want to go as your favorite animal this Halloween, you can easily put together your very own cat costume! Black leggings or pants and a black shirt will create a majority of the costume for you. Now, all you have to add are some cat ears, a tail, and some whiskers! Or, be a funky, light-up cat by adding LED cat ears, instead! Add some fun, glow in the dark face paint to add a little extra glow.



To be a clown for Halloween, all you need to do is gather a goofy clown wig, some face paint, and a red clown nose. If you want to look like a real clown, you can paint your entire face white with face paint, then add silly eyebrows and eye makeup, and finish off with big red lips. You can wear any type of clothing you want, whether you want to be a goofy clown in your mom or dad’s old clothing, or a cute clown in your regular attire.  Finish off your clown costume with some rainbow suspenders to match your rainbow wig and add some flair!



A magician is also an easy Halloween costume to make yourself. All you really need is a magician hat, otherwise known as a black top hat, and a magic wand. If you want to add other accessories to make your outfit more complete, you can add a bow tie and a cape. Oh, and don’t forget the little white rabbit prop!


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