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DIY Halloween Door Decorations

DIY Halloween Door Decorations


To make the offices of Windy City Novelties festive for Halloween, we had a very small door decorating contest. Each office door was decorated using party supplies sold by us—yes, that’s right, no construction paper and no paint! We stuck to tableware items, decorations, and fun light-up accessories. You can create the same look for your front door with just a few party supplies and a few easy steps. Pick the type of creature you’d like to make and get started! Your front door will look freaky fabulous when greeting trick-or-treaters Halloween night. You can also use tips to decorate your classroom door of office door! Here’s how to get the look:


Goofy Monster

The goofy monster door decorations are perfect for younger children—it won’t scare them away! In order to recreate this look, you are going to need a green table cover, white paper plates, small blue paper plates, small black paper plates, black crepe paper streamers, a black feather boa, a red, white and green pennant banner, and green napkins (optional).

Begin by opening up the lime green table cover. Holding it lengthwise, fold it over the door so that the outside of the door is completely covered. Once you get the table cover situated how you want it, tuck around the sides of the table cover to wrap the door. Secure it onto the door by taping it on the opposite side—masking tape or duct tape will work, but double sided tape works best.

 Once the table cover is secure, add on the eyeballs. Take two white paper plates and tape them onto the top half of the door, making sure they are centered. These will be the base for the eyeballs. Take two small blue paper plates and stick them onto the white paper plates. You can make the eyes googly or normal, it’s up to you! Next, cut two small circles out of two black paper plates to make pupils. Place these on top of the blue paper plates. If you want to add eyelashes to your monster, cut them out of the black crepe paper.

Next, take your red, white and green pennant banner and snip off one of the red triangle, just under the white rope. Place double sided tape on the bottom of the triangle and stick it, right side up, in the center of the door, letting it flop over. This is the monster’s tongue. Now cut off two white triangles from the pennant banner decoration and tape them, right side up, on each side of the tongue, making sure they are all touching at the bottom. Cute off a strand of black crepe paper streamer and tape it over the bottom of the mouth, covering the fold-over of the red triangle.

After that, cut your black feather boa in half, setting one half aside. Cut the half piece into tiny little pieces to make polka dots on the monster’s body. Secure them using tape. Take the other half of the boa and use it to make a large eyebrow above the eyes.

Finally, finish off your monster with some green horns! You can create horns by cutting off two green triangles for your pennant banner, or create smaller horns by folding up green paper napkins.


Scary Skeleton

If you’re a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, then this scary skeleton door decoration is the one for you! Our scary skeleton door closely resembles Jack Skeleton from the film. In order to create this door decoration, you will need a white table cover, black paper plates, black crepe paper streamers, and a black LED sequin bow tie.

Start by covering the front of your door with a white table cover. If your door is a dark color, you may need to cover the front of the door with a large piece of white construction paper before adding the table cover. Be sure to secure the table cover onto the door by taping down the sides on the backside.

 Next, take your two black paper plates and cut a small tilde (˜) shape into the top corner of each plate, making sure the plates mirror each other. Using tape, secure the paper plates to the door using tape, again, making sure the plates mirror each other. Use the small pieces you just cut out of the paper plates as the nostrils.

Create a skeleton smile using two or three long pieces of black crepe paper streamers. Secure them to the door so that there is not white in between them. Next, cut several small pieces of black crepe paper and use them to create teeth.

Finally, finish off your skeleton with a black sparkly bow tie.



Jack-o-Lantern decorations are always fun around Halloween, so why not convert your front door into one giant one? This is also the easiest door decoration to set up. To make the Jack-o-Lantern door decoration, you will need an orange table cover, a black pennant banner, green napkins (optional) and a red LED clown nose (optional).

Begin by covering the entire front of the door with the orange table cover. See the first steps in the monster and skeleton descriptions to see how to do this properly.

Next, cut off the black triangles from your black pennant banner decoration—you’ll only need five of them. Then cut three of those triangles into nine smaller triangles. These are going to be used as the teeth. Tape them into the door, using double sided tape, alternating between hanging them upside down and right side up. Take the last two uncut triangles and tape them to the door as the eyes.

That should be it for your Jack-o-Lantern, unless you want to add a little pizzazz by creating a green stem out of green paper napkins, and adding a fun and unique red LED nose!


Mesmerizing Mummy

To make this adorable mummy door decoration, all you need is a black table cover, white crepe paper streamers, white paper plates, small black paper plates, LED ice cubes (optional) and a pink LED bow (optional).

Start by covering the door with the black table cover, securing it to the door by folding the flaps around the back and taping them with masking tape or duct tape.

Once the table cover is secure, start with one layer of mummy wraps. Using your white crepe paper streamers, cut similar sized strips and tape them to the table cover, allowing the strips to reach each side of the door.

After one layer of wraps, attach the eyes. First tape two white paper plates to the door using double sided tape. Next, add the small black paper plates directly on top of the white paper plates.

Next, add another layer of mummy wraps using the white crepe paper streamers. You can even have a few strands “sticking out,” as seen in the image. Finish off your mummy with blue or orange LED ice cubes as glowing eyes. They should attach using a sturdy tape such as duct tape. You can also top off you mummy with a cute little LED bow

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