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Guide to our Hanukkah Party Supplies, Decorations, Accessories and More!

Guide to our Hanukkah Party Supplies, Decorations, Accessories and More!


The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah will soon begin towards the end of November. Jewish families that wish to host a small get-together or celebration can do so with the help of Windy City Novelties! The retailer provides Hanukkah themed paper goods and decorations, as well as small gifts for individuals to give each other throughout the duration of Hanukkah. Here is a guide to Windy City Novelties’ Hanukkah party supplies:


Hanukkah Invitations

Invite friends, family and neighbors to your Hanukkah gathering with Hanukkah themed invitations. Choose from a variety of different invitations in which you can personalize with text and/or photos.


Hanukkah Paper Goods

Serve traditional Jewish cuisine at your Hanukkah event with Hanukkah themed paper goods. There is an assortment of different Hanukkah themes to choose from, which include paper plates, napkins and cups.



You can also find Hanukkah themed table decorations, such as table covers, centerpieces, and more!


Hanukkah Decorations

Decorate for your gathering with Hanukkah decorations! Choose from a selection of decorative banners and garland to hang in the entranceway of your home during the holiday.



You’ll also be able to find decorations you can hang from the ceiling, such as Hanukkah swirls or danglers, or place Hanukkah cutouts on the walls as an additional decoration.


There are also general blue and white decorations you can use to decorate your party area. Hang silver and blue metallic swirls from the ceiling or drape blue crepe paper on the walls of your home.

Hanukkah Gifts and Novelties

In addition to decorations, and other party supplies, Windy City Novelties also provides gifts and novelties to use or give at such Hanukkah events! Hand out mini dreidels to the kids and light up Hanukkah cups to the adults.


You can also exchange non-Jewish gifts at your Hanukkah celebration with the retailer’s endless selection of gifts. Give the kids cool light up accessories for their bedrooms, such as a rotating disco ball or colored LED votive candles.


You can also find little gadgets for the kids to play with, such as a toy rock guitar, little stuffed animals, hacky sacks, and much more!


At Windy City Novelties, it’s our hope that this article inspires you to create a fun and unique party for your loved ones. For more helpful tips on organizing your event, email our dedicated party planning experts at [email protected]. You may also subscribe to our emails for weekly party planning ideas, featured products and more at

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