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Have Some Fun during March Madness with a Party!

Have Some Fun during March Madness with a Party!


College basketball fans are getting ready for their favorite time of the year: March Madness. The “madness” will begin on Sunday, March 13th—Selection Sunday—when the tournament-qualifying schools will be announced, allowing March Madness fans to fill out their 2016 March Madness brackets. If you are a huge college basketball fan, invite friends and family members over to watch some of the basketball games! Create a fun party scene with the help of basketball decorations and serve your guests game-time snacks. Cheer for you team, place bets and enjoy the company of your friends with these party ideas for a March Madness party! 


Inform guests of your party with basketball invitations. 

Formally invite your guests to your March Madness party with invitations--no e-vites and no text messages. They'll feel special receiving an actual invitation in the mail. Use basketball themed invitations and include all of the details of your party, including if you'd like them to bring a dish to share. 

Use basketball decorations to liven up your party space. 

Once you have figured out who is coming to your party, it's time to start the decorating process! Create a fun party setting with the help of basketball decorations. Stick basketball cutouts to the walls around the area your guests will be watching the TV. Or, if you want guests to sit around a table to view the game(s), use these basketball cutouts as placemats. 

Dangle basketball whirl decorations from the ceiling of the party area, or get creative and construct your own hanging basketball decorations! Add the appropriate stripes to orange paper lanterns to turn them into basketball decorations--if you are unable to find orange paper lanterns, make basketballs out of white paper lanterns using orange paint. Additionally, attach the net from your basketball hoop on the chandelier. 

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Set up a snack table and fill it with goodies and decorations. 

Set up a table that guests can walk up to and help themselves to the delicious food you (and your guests) have made. Add a few decorations to the snack table to coordinate with the rest of the party decor. Use a giant March Madness bracket banner as the backdrop of the snack table. You can either fill out this bracket with your own predictions or fill it in as the NCAA tournament ensures. Place two bundles of orange and basketball balloons on either side of the bracket banner to draw attention to it and the snack table. 

Use Spalding basketball paper plates and matching napkins to serve food on, or choose solid color paper goods that match the colors of your favorite college team.

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Dress the snack table with a basketball court table coverand drape a black and orange pennant banner across the front of the table to add a little more color and pizzazz. Set out special licenses Spalding basketball paper plates and matching napkins to serve food on, or choose solid color paper goods that match the colors of your favorite college team. Serve game-ready snacks, such as nachos, chicken wings, dips, and other finger foods. Set out an assortment of beer, soda and water bottles in a basketball cooler so guests are able to grab a new drink when necessary. Place the cooler next to the snack table. 


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