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How to Create the Perfect Holiday Party Look with Holiday Party Accessories

How to Create the Perfect Holiday Party Look with Holiday Party Accessories


It’s fun to add accessories to any party attire, but it’s particularly fun to do during the holiday season—probably because there are so many festive accessories to choose from! During the holiday season, it’s completely acceptable for decorations to become part of your holiday party garb, especially for a Christmas bar crawl or an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Some creative individuals even go as far as adding Christmas lights to their outfit!

If you are planning to attend any type of holiday party this upcoming holiday season, you will want to step up your party apparel game with some fun and festive holiday accessories. Whether you want a classic and simpler look or an over-the-top full party costume, we can help you put your holiday party getup together with these simple tips and ideas.


Top off your more elegant holiday party look with a simple holiday hat or headpiece.

There are tacky Christmas parties and then there are holiday parties that are supposed to be a little more graceful and refined. Maybe you have a work holiday event to attend, or your family carries a tradition of dressing in your more sophisticated clothing on Christmas. You can still be festive and celebrate the holidays by adding a Santa hat or cute reindeer antlers to that cocktail dress or suit.  

Even if your holiday party is on the casual side, but ugly Christmas sweaters are not invited, you can add a touch of merriment, as well as coolness, with holiday sunglasses. Just pop some onto your nose or head and you’re instantly festive.


Coordinate your ugly Christmas sweater with fun holiday accessories and a few Christmas decorations.

If you’re attending an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, an ugly Christmas sweater is a must, but you can add extra accessories to really make your outfit pop. Or, let’s say you don’t have an ugly Christmas sweater—just throw on any red, green, white or gold sweater that you do own and add some flashy Christmas accessories to create your own holiday party getup!

First, start with the head—you need some sort of headpiece to start off your holiday attire. Santa hats are always a classic choice, but you can choose to mix it up and be unique this holiday season. Try wearing a mistletoe headbopper that is sure to get you a few smooches on the cheek! Next, add something that will make your outfit merry and bright, such as a LED Christmas bulb necklace. You can also go for the decorations as accessories idea and attach a giant red velvet bow to your hair. Ladies, embellish your tacky Christmas look with some small Christmas ornaments as earrings!

Next, move onto the accessories for your body. Feather boas are a fun scarf alternative, but something a little more festive would be using Christmas garland as a scarf. Or, you can cut off pieces of the garlandand use them as trim for your sweater! Sew pieces onto the neckline, end of the sleeves and around the bottom of your sweater.

Finally, finish off your ugly sweater look with some red and green light-up jewelry or sunglasses.


Go all out at your holiday party with a holiday costume!

If you’re a fan of dressing up, or just like to be the center of attention, sport a full costume to your holiday party! With all of the Christmas movies out, there are plenty of characters and costumes for you to choose from. You could do a classic Christmas costume, such as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, an elf, Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman. Then there are the favorite Christmas movies, including A Christmas Story (the bunny costume or the infamous leg lamp), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (The Grinch or Cindy Lou-Who), Elf (Buddy the Elf) and much, much more.

You can also be creative and make your own costume. Use items like ornaments, tinsel, felt, fake snow, etc. to build your own Christmas tree costume, reindeer, and much more!

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