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How to Host a Roaring 20's Theme Party

How to Host a Roaring 20's Theme Party


For a break from the norm, invite your friends to join you at your exclusive speakeasy for a night of fun and festivity at a Roaring 20's theme party, complete with bootleg liquor, gangsters, flapper dresses, and intrigue! Use Roaring 20's party decorations to transform your party space into a 1920's speakeasy, serve cocktails and enjoy a night of dancing to jazz music. Use these party tips to assist you in your party planning process. 


Transform Your Party Space into a Speakeasy

Speakeasys were the place to go and have a little fun during the 1920's prohibiton era, so transform your party space into just that! Line the hallways of your party entrance with brick wall scene setters to resemble a secret alleyway entrance. Simply attach them to the walls of your home and pull them down once the party is over. In your actual party space, set jazz band cutouts along the walls, mixed with black music note wall decorations. Jazz was the popular type of music during the Roaring 20's, so you'll want to be sure you have the best jazz music playing at your event. 

Set out a few long tables for liquor and snacks. Cover the tables with solid black table covers. Instead of searching for wooden crates to stick your massive supply of liquor in, make your own with cardboard boxes. Cover the cardboard boxes with brown paper bags you've been saving up from the grocery store. Take a permanent marker and write different types of liquor on each box, such as "WINE," "GIN," "RUM," etc. Place liquor in a few of the boxes, while others lay sideways on the table for decoration. 

In addition to your snack and beverage tables, set up a few tall round tables for guests to stand and sip their cocktails. Place round black table covers over these, as well. Craft 1920's centerpieces out of wine bottles you've saved up. Spray paint the bottles black or gold-or both. Stick long black, white and gold feathers inside of the wine bottles, like a vase. Tie fake pearl bead necklaces around each bottle neck and let them drape down the bottle. 

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Stocking the Bar

While you bar area will serve as part of the decor to your Roaring 20's get-together, you'll need to provide your guests with endless beverages, as well as snacks to fill up those bellies. Set out hors d'oeuvres on large trays with solid black paper plates and matching napkins. Be sure to have plenty of martini glasses and wine glasses on hand so the drinks can flow all night long! You can also create a signature cocktail for the event and serve drinks that were popular during the 20s, like Mint Juleps, martinis or mixed drinks with moonshine. 


When it's time for the party to wind down and the guests to head home, stage a raid by the prohibition agents who often shut down the speakeasies!  Your guests will have a memorable end to their evening and you'll have closed down your party in style.  A Roaring 20s theme party gives everyone a chance to let their hair down for the evening, escape from the stress of everyday life, and travel back in time to an era of intrigue and elegance. 


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