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How to Put Together a Mustache Themed Party for Movember

How to Put Together a Mustache Themed Party for Movember


It’s about that time of the year—the time of the year that women either love or hate; that time of the year when men stop grooming their facial hair in what some refer to as “No Shave November” or “Movember.” However, not shaving for Movember is actually doing more good than harm.

Like Breast Cancer Awareness in October, Movember raises awareness to men’s health—specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health—throughout the month of November. Men participate in Movember by growing out a mustache for the duration of the month. This is to spark conversations about men’s health and collect donations to pass along to various men’s health organizations. And while women cannot grow facial hair, they can participate by creating awareness to men’s health issues through various events, as well as raising money to donate to the cause.

One way to create awareness and collect donations is to throw a Movember party, or a “Mo Party.” Invite everyone to a happy hour at a local bar or restaurant, bring in snacks to work for a small celebration, or host a mustache-themed party in the comfort of your own home. Inform your guests about men’s health concerns and invite them to donate to the cause, while also having a great time. Here are some party tips for throwing your own mustache party!


Add mustaches to your party décor

Party decorations in the shape of mustaches may be hard to come by. Instead, incorporate fake mustaches into your party décor. If you’re feeling crafty, hand-make the invites to your guests! Find some yellow, brown and black construction paper and cut out large mustache shapes. Include the details of your event and have guests RSVP. Or, you could go the easy route and invite friends with electronic invitations.

To be sure guests know the purpose of this mustache party, hang a mustache printed banner in the entranceway, or in an area where it will be seen. You can also use it to let guests know where to leave their donations, as well as which organization to make the checks payable to.

Choose a general color scheme for your party and use coordinating party decorations to embellish your party space. Line the party space with garland or streamers, and have paper lanterns, metallic whirls and other hanging decorations cascade from the ceiling. Add a few mustache wall clings to the walls of your party space.


Set out festive party foods that guests can snack on at their own will

If you are hosting the party at your home or office (I’m assuming the bar or restaurant will have the food and drink taken care of), set up a table to lay out party foods. Use a table cover that matches the rest of your decorations. You can use balloons as table decorations. Draw mustaches on them with permanent marker, or find mustache stickers to place on them.


Make snacky, finger foods that guests can walk by and grab—any kind of dips, veggie or cheese plates, finger sandwiches, etc. As a sweet treat, bake a mustache cake! You can make a cake into the shape of a mustache by first baking it in a circle pan. After baking, cut the circle cake into yin-yang halves and put them together to form a mustache. Cover the cake with brown frosting, and you’ll have a delicious, and festive, cake to serve at your Movember Party!

Don’t forget to set out paper plates and napkins that match your party’s décor. You can use matching cups, as well, but as a cute party decoration, cutout paper mustaches and hole punch them directly in the middle so you can slide them over bendable straws. When your guests suck through the straws, it will appear as if they have the mustache.



Hand out party favors to guests when they arrive

The party favors will be the most important part of your Movemeber Party! Not every guy at your party will be participating in Movember, and of course the women cannot grow mustaches, so you must supply them with one. Set a basket full of stick on mustaches, mustache rings or mustache necklaces that guests can use to make up for their non-existing ‘stache.


You can also offer some of these items up as prizes for winning games that you may play throughout your party. You can play “Guess That ‘Stache” where you and your guests must guess who the mustache belongs to. Print out pictures of celebrities throughout time with distinguished facial hair, such as Hulk Hogan, Tom Selleck, Clark Gable, Lionel Richie, etc., and cover everything but the facial hair. Make your guests guess who the facial hair belongs to. Whoever gets the most correct guesses wins the prizes! 


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