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How to Spice up your Summer with a Western BBQ

How to Spice up your Summer with a Western BBQ


During the summertime, it seems that there is always something to celebrate. Every other weekend is a graduation party, a wedding or a backyard barbecue of some sort. After so many, they all begin to blend together. Spice up your summer by throwing a party that people will be talking about long after it’s over—a Western BBQ! Add a little zest to that backyard get-together you host every year and make it Western-themed. Request that your guests show up in their finest Western getup, create a Wild West scene in your backyard with party decorations, and have a hog-killin’ time with your closest friends and family! Here are a few tips for putting together a Western BBQ!



Start your Western BBQ off right with Western-themed invitations. This will give your guests a preview as to what your get-together will encompass. Be sure to include every detail of your party, from the address of the location to the type of costumes your guests should wear.



Once the invitations have been sent and the RSVPs have been received, you can continue with your party planning process by brainstorming how your party area will be set up. Create a Western saloon out of your outdoor bar area—or create your own bar area using folding tables and chairs—or picnic benches—and a canopy or overhang. This is an area where your guests can sit, relax and enjoy their food and drinks. Section off the bar area by draping several red bandana pennant banner decorations from the overhang. Hang a rusting “Saloon” sign over the bar area so guests will know this is where they can wet their whistle. For added decoration, as well as a modern touch, rope white string lights across your bar area and mix in a few western-themed paper lanterns. You can hang the paper lanterns directly off of the string lights, if they are hung securely.

Use solid white plastic table covers to place over your dining or bar tables, and create a Western look by using red bandanas as your table runners. Make your own centerpieces out of glass mason jars and flowers, as well as some railroad lanterns with candles for an extra affect. Set each place setting with red gingham paper plates and, accompanied by plastic cutlery. Instead of using glass or plastic dishes to serve your food in, purchase a pack of tin pie cans that you can serve food in. The pie tins will add a more rustic vibe to your Western party. Then serve your beverages in glass mason jars or tin mugs to coordinate with the pie tins.

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Add a few decorations to other areas of your party area. To create an entranceway to welcome guests to your party, prop two or three barrels of hay down and set a bundle of balloons on it, or hang a “Wild Wild West” sign on it. For a good laugh, hang wanted posters containing pictures of some of your guests—or one guest—all around the party area.


Activities and Food

The party has the word “barbecue” in it, so this means you have to serve some barbecued meats at your event. Make ribs or pulled pork sandwiches in a Crockpot the morning of your party. Grill burger patties in order to make Western style burgers (or sliders); topped with cheddar cheese, onion rings and barbecue sauce. Offer sides such as corn on the cob, baked beans, salad, green beans and corn bread. Bake “cow pies” (brownies) and apple pie for dessert options.

Offer a variety of beverages for your guests to drink, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. A few great non-alcoholic beverages for your party would be sweet tea, lemonade and water. Craft up some whiskey cocktails to serve in those mason jars and tin mugs. Of course, offer beer and wine as an alternative for those that don’t drink whiskey.

Set up a few outdoor games for your guests to partake in during your event. One station should be horse shoes—just make sure to set it up a good distance away from the party area so that no one gets hurt by flying horse shoes. Bags or corn hole is another great backyard game to play. You can also set up a bonfire area for after the sun goes down. Be sure to provide your guests with blankets and s’mores!

Create a photo booth, stocked with fun accessories, for your guests to take silly pictures with. Set up a table full of Western masks, bandanas, cowboy hats and more!


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