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Make Your Holiday Parties Merry and Bright with Holiday Hats!

Make Your Holiday Parties Merry and Bright with Holiday Hats!


Still having a difficult time trying to figure out what to wear to your holiday parties? Simply add a holiday hat to any outfit and instantly create a merry and festive ensemble! You can even choose from various styles of hats—whether you want to go with a traditional Santa hat, or a wild and wacky light-up hat. Follow this guide on choosing the perfect hat for holiday wear, and be the life of the party at your Christmas celebrations!


Traditional Christmas Hats

Traditional Christmas hats are always a classic choice for any holiday celebration or event. Santa hats are among the most popular holiday hats, and can double as something to keep you warm if you are participating in any outdoor events like parades, Ugly Sweater pub crawls, and so forth. However, you can differ from the Santa hat clad crowd a bit with a bright colored Santa hat, or even a candy cane striped Santa hat.

Another common holiday headwear option is reindeer antlers. If you don’t want to mess up your hair for your holiday party, reindeer antlers are the perfect accessory. If you want to really get into the Christmas spirit, hang some ornaments, or other Christmas decorations from the antlers!

An adorable alternative to the Santa hats and reindeer antlers can be one of Santa’s little helpers’ hats. Top off your holiday party attire with an elf hat, complete with elf ears for a cute and jolly style.  


LED Hats

If you’re looking to stand out of the crowd a bit more, go for a LED light-up holiday hat! Choose a funky Spring Tree Santa Hat, which lights up with flashing LEDs. An accessory like this would be perfect for a holiday-themed bar crawl! You’ll be easy to spot in a dark bar, meaning no one will leave you behind.  

If you want to be a tad more understated, go for a light-up elf hat, instead. The elf hat is not only great for bar crawls, but will also make you seen in or at the annual holiday parade, as well as any other holiday celebration!  


Silly Hats

You could also cause quite a stir at your holiday parties by wearing a Mistletoe Headbopper! With this headband, a mistletoe hangs above you, requiring anyone you talk to plant a kiss on your cheek. Wear this hat if you want the attention to be on you throughout the night. 



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