Night Flyer Golf Ball Constant On Green LED's

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The NEWEST (and BEST) PROFESSIONAL TOURNAMENT Night flyer Golf Ball we have ever designed... the CONSTANT ON (CL). The CONSTANT ON Lighted Night Flyer Golf Ball is HERE! This GREEN LED constant illumination Golf Ball sets a new standard in Night Golf Play.

Besides being official weight and size, the Night Flyer Constant On Golf Ball is a very sophisticated piece of equipment designed to light-up upon sensing a strong impact. Once activated, the built in computerized timer will keep the ball illuminated for 8-10 minutes after which the switch will automatically turn off the light to preserve battery life unless… the ball receives another firm impact.

Anytime the computer senses a strong impact the timer will be reset to zero and restart the 8-10 minute llight-up period. Batteries in each ball are sealed and are NOT replaceable. 

Night Flyer Golf Balls are protected by Patent # 6,042,487.

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  Buy the LED Constant on!
By Jason in US , 09/18/16
If you're putting on a Glow Golf Tourney then I highly recommend getting the Night Flyer LED CONSTANT ON balls over the glow balls with the mini light stick insert. The LED's are far superior and worth the extra money spent. Even if it means charging just a little bit more to your players. I played a tourney last night they offered the mini stick balls but our group used some LED's obtained from past tournaments. One LED was as much as 4-5 years old only having 1/2 of the original glow potential and was still far superior at half strength over the mini stick inserts. I cannot stress it enough......PAY THE $$$$$$ and go with the LED's. The Green, Pink, Yellow were ALL Highly visible and I will at some point be testing the Blue, White, & Red. Just an FYI, I am NOT being paid for this endorsement and stand 100% by my review. However, I would not object to any Free samples or products to test for an objective review from an average hack golfer just having a good time. Good Luck and hit em straight!
  Fantastic product!
By Clyde in US , 04/22/16
What a hoot! Played night golf last night at my club. A nine hole event. We started off using the balls that use a glow stick and they worked ok. But when we activated the Night Flyer CL balls, what a difference in visibility. They glow much brighter and feel a lot better off the clubface too. As one of the club staff members said last night when I bought them, ""These are the ProV1's of the night golf world""

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$6.60 Each