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Party Ideas for Celebrating Labor Day Weekend

Party Ideas for Celebrating Labor Day Weekend


For many, Labor Day weekend represents the end of summer, giving us a reason to celebrate. Our celebrations consist of one last hoorah before the cold weather begins to roll in, meaning typically get-togethers are enjoyed outdoors in the form of pool parties, barbecues and picnics. However, the real reasoning behind Labor Day is to recognize the hard work and achievements, both economic and social, of American citizens. Because the holiday is a national holiday, Labor Day celebrations are typically decorated with patriotic decorations, but you can use any color scheme or theme for your Labor Day celebration. Here are a few party ideas for your Labor Day affair! 

Make the guest list. 

Begin your party planning process by creating the guest list. The location of your party will largely depend on the size of your guest list, so decide whether or not you want your party to be a big affair or a small, casual get-together. Once your guest list has been created, and the location has been determined, it's time to invite your guests! Send out festive invitations in the mail to match your party theme or color scheme. If you're in a time crunch, send out an e-vite or create an event on Facebook. Be sure to include all the details of the event so that your guests know how to dress and what to bring, if anything. 


Plan the menu. 

Next on your party planning to-do list is to determine menu options. If you are hosting a large event, it might be best to get the party catered and hire a bartender. If these options are not in your budget, feel free to ask your guests to each bring a dish to share. If you are hosting a small get-together, you might be able to manage cooking all the dishes yourself. Try easy, backyard BBQ menu items, such as burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, fruit salad, etc. Offer an array of beverages, such as beer, wine, cocktails, water, lemonade, and other non-alcoholic beverage options. Place these in pitchers or in a bucket of ice next to the buffet table. 

Set up a table for a buffet where guests can help themselves. Cover the table with an American flag table cover. Display your dishes in tin tubs and serving trays to match the rustic vibe, or get a slightly different look with white or clear serving trays. 

American flag table cover

Add centerpieces to each table, such as vases of summery flowers, American flags, candles, etc. To create a more rustic feel, incorporate bandanas into the table decor, either as a table runner, part of the centerpieces, or as placemats. 

 Add a few decorations behind or above the buffet table to make the area look more festive. If your buffet table is against a wall, hang a few fan decorations or paper lanterns from the wall to add a splash of color, as well as a touch of elegance. If your buffet table is free standing, place several poles on each side of the table to create an awning using a mixture of crepe paper streamers and white string lights. The string lights are especially great if your party will extend into the evening hours. In addition to the lights, place a few LED candles on the buffet table. 


Decorate your party space. 

Once you have everything else planned for your event, it's time to start decorating! If your party space is going to be under a tent, or some type of awning, take full advantage of that by hanging decorations from it. String lights, as well as hanging decorations, will add a fun and festive look to your party area. Be sure that the decorations you hang coordinate with the rest of your decorations. 

If you Labor Day party is going to be a pool party, be sure to add decorations around the pool area. Hang garland or bunting from the fence around the pool, or drape them from the stairway of the deck. Be sure to offer plenty of inflatables and other pool toys to your pool to keep guests entertained. Decorate your party space entryway, or create one using balloons and other decorations, to let guests know exactly where the party is being held. 

 Patriotic Bunting

Keep your guests entertained with activites. 

Make sure your guests continue to have a great time at your get-together by providing them with fun activities to partake in. Put out some yard games for a little friendly competition, such as bags (or cornhole), volleyball and bocce ball. Light a fire after dinner for guests to sit around for a relaxing nightcap. If it's forecasted to be a hot, sunny day, fill a bin of water balloons to cool down from the summer heat. 

No matter the activites, your guests will surely have a fantastic time celebrating the end of summer at your fabulous Labor Day party! 


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