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How to Throw a Barbie Themed Birthday Party

Birthday party ideas for a do-it-yourself Barbie theme

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How to Throw a Barbie Themed Birthday Party

January 14, 2013

Every little girl seems to go through a stage where she loves Barbie, so when your favorite girl is in her Barbie-loving phase, why not make her dreams come true and throw her a Barbie birthday party she'll never forget?  With a few pink accessories, some basic Barbie party supplies, and fun party games, you'll have a party that all the girls will be squealing over! 

The first thing to do for your Barbie birthday party is to invite the birthday girl's friends to get all dolled up for the day.  Send out some pretty pink flowers invitations that will coordinate with your Barbie party theme.  Encourage all the guests to come dressed in Barbie's signature color--pink--and bring along their favorite Barbie doll for the event.  Not only will the girls love having their dolls invited along for the big day, but you can incorporate them into some of your party activities as well! 

When you're decorating for your Barbie birthday party, all you need to do is think pink!  Pink paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling will certainly impress your young guests and give the party an upscale feel for a kids' birthday party, as will pink fluffy decorations.  For a traditional spin, drape pink streamers from the ceiling and along the stair railing.  Weave some around the porch railing and in the front trees as well, weather permitting, to let people know exactly where the party is!  If you want to kick the party up a notch and make the girls feel extra special, lay out a pink carpet runner for the guests to walk down as they arrive with their favorite Barbie doll and they'll feel as though they're walking down the catwalk!  Set your table with plenty of Barbie paper goods, including coordinating Barbie paper plates, cups, and napkins, and your pretty pink table will be ready to go when the girls are clamoring for their cake and ice cream!  Add in a few hot pink balloons and you'll have set a festive tone for your Barbie birthday party.   

A Barbie birthday party wouldn't be complete without plenty of Barbie-themed activities to keep the guests busy, so here's a few ideas for your party. 

- Have a makeover station set up so that when the girls arrive they can get their nails and hair done.  Dress up their hair with fun pink LED fascinators that will add some glimmer and glitz to their party style! 

- Let their Barbies get a makeover for the party as well.  Have plenty of pretty Barbie dresses that the girls can dress their dolls up in for the day.  If you don't have enough outfits in your own stash, check out eBay, CraigsList, or the local thrift store for inexpensive options.  Once all the Barbies have been dressed up, have a fashion show with every Barbie heading down the catwalk and showing off her style!  The girls can take their doll's new dresses home at the end of the day as a party favor or change back into their doll's original clothes before leaving. 

- Send the girls on a Barbie scavenger hunt.  Hide pink or Barbie-themed items around the house, along with clues to the next item's location, before the party and let them try to find everything.  At the end of the search, have Barbie favor boxes for all the guests, filled with fun favors like lip gloss, costume jewelry, candy, and Barbie stickers.  Barbie has had many professions throughout the years.  Have the girls play dress up, using costumes representing their favorite Barbie professions, whether it's a veterinarian, astronaut, President, rock star, or nurse. 

The birthday girl is going to be thrilled with her Barbie birthday party, and when you go the extra mile, adding fun pink accessories and other little touches that make the day even more special, she's sure to have a special day that she and her friends are going to remember forever!  

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