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Cheer your Favorite Team to Victory with our Assortment of Noisemakers

Helpful buying guide to our fantastic noisemakers including maracas, cowbells, air horns, and much, much more!

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Cheer your Favorite Team to Victory with our Assortment of Noisemakers

November 18, 2013

It seems that this season, NFL fans have something to cheer for--besides for their beloved teams, of course. Earlier this season, Seattle Seahawks fans broke the Guinness World Record for loudest stadium in the NFL, hitting a noisy 136.6 decibels during their home game against the San Francisco 49ers. However, that record was short-lived, as the Kansas City Chiefs reclaimed the title for loudest stadium in the NFL at their home game against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, October 13th. The fans in the stadium broke the record during the last two minutes of the game, hitting a deafening 137.5 decibels. Coaches and players claimed the ground was shaking, the stadium was so loud!

All of this sound record breaking has caught the attention of football fans everywhere. Now Clemson University fans want a chance at the title. Seahawks fans also plan to, once again, steal the title from the Chiefs during the Seahawks’ home game on Monday, December 2nd against the New Orleans Saints. Help get your team noticed for their noisy stadium with the help of noisemakers from Windy City Novelties! If every fan in the stadium is screaming and cheering, the stadium is sure to be noisy, but can get even louder with noisemakers, such as stadium horns, cowbells, and more! Here is an overview of the noisemakers Windy City Novelties has to offer:



Scream, cheer and shake your maracas in the stands while rooting for your team this season! With maracas available in a variety of colors, you can find a pair to match your team’s colors.


And maracas aren’t just for NFL fans—fans of college and high school football can get in on the noisy action by cheering in the stands with maracas. Furthermore, other sports fans can cheer on their teams with sports maracas! These maracas come in an assortment of sports shapes to allow fans to root for their favorite basketball, baseball or soccer team.



Tambourines are always a good item to have in the stands at sporting events. With the amount of noise they make, fans will surely be heard! Choose from small or large tambourines in many colors, as well as light-up tambourines for those evening football games!


Hand Clappers

If your hands get tired from clapping at the sporting event you are attending, you can use a hand clapper to do all the hand clapping for you! Get hand clappers in fun shapes that fit your team, such as a star for the Dallas Cowboys, or use a typical hand-shaped hand clapper in your team’s colors.


Stadium Horns and Air Horns

Bring on the noise in your town’s football stadium with stadium horns and air blasters! These collapsible stadium horns resemble a trumpet and are simply blown in to make a loud horn sound. You can find them in single colors to match one of your team’s colors, or get bi-colored stadium horns in your team’s colors.


You can also make a lot of noise with mini air blasters! As with the stadium horns, you blow in them to make a loud sound.

 Cowbells and Megaphones

Cowbells will absolutely help fans make a ton of noise in the stands! Shake the cowbells when your team scores a touchdown or makes a great tackle. You can find them in your team’s colors, or use fun football shaped cowbells.


For the times you want to yell and scream for your team, use a megaphone to amplify the sound of your voice! These megaphones can also be used at high school sporting events, so your players can hear just how much spirit their school has.


Noise Drums and Whistles

When searching for noisemakers to cheer on your team, the choices are endless. Choose from noise drums you can shake in the stands or different types of whistles that your team will be able to hear from the field, such as regular whistles, bird whistles, train whistles, and much more!

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