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Transform Your Backyard into an Island Oasis

Tips, ideas and tricks on how to decorate your backyard entertainment area for a simple and chic luau party

Party Decorating & Planning Ideas Luau Party Ideas

Transform Your Backyard into an Island Oasis

May 12, 2016

Planning a party this spring or summer? Make it an extra special evening that no one will forget by adding a theme to it! A luau is a fun party idea for warmer weather, so add one to an upcoming birthday party, family reunion, Memorial Day barbecue, or throw a luau party just because! Transform your deck, patio or pool area into an island oasis with the help of luau themed decorations. Whip up some fruity cocktails and serve a few tropical delights to really take the edge off. You can even go one step further and tell your guests to arrive in luau attire, such as grass skirts, leis and coconut bras. Here are some luau decorating tips and ideas for your outdoor entertainment area:

When you think “luau” you think of grass skirts, hibiscus flowers and tiki torches, so incorporate some of these items into your party décor. If you have patio or deck furniture, placing a raffia umbrella cover over your umbrella will make it feel as if you and your guests are dining underneath a tiki hut. String some lights at the end or underneath your umbrella for an elegant glow to take the party into the night.


Also, a tiki bar at any luau is a must, so set one up in the corner of your party space. To make it appear as an actual hut, you can construct an over hang using cardboard and PVC pipes. Place a grass table skirt over the piece of cardboard to create a tiki hut-like appearance. Place hibiscus flower cutouts on the front of the bar, as well as the back of the bar (if there is one). Serve some of your cocktails in coconuts cups

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If you have a stairway or deck in your backyard area, string flower garland along the edge. To ensure your garland decoration will be seen when the sun goes down, wrap a string of white lights around the garland, or hang them up with the garland. This decoration would also look great hanging from the fence that wraps around the pool! Place tiki lanterns wherever you feel comfortable--these will also help keep the bugs away from your guests! 


If you own a pool, or have a small man-made pond in your backyard, place floating candles, along with floating LED flowers, on the surface of the water. The lighting from both the candles and LEDs will reflect into the water, allowing your pond to become party of your magnificent party scene. 


Welcome guests into your backyard with a lighted walkway using LED candles. With LED candles, you won't have to worry about one getting knocked over. You can also place these LED candles on the steps leading up to your deck. 


All of these decorating ideas are simple to create or put together. Use your imagination and try to form different uses out of ordinary items that will surely impress your guests. Enjoy a great night with friends and family while providing them with a beautiful party scene!

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