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Rubber Ducks

Check out all of our fun rubber ducks! These make great party favors for a baby shower. They are available to you from Windy City Novelties in a variety of styles and sizes.

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  • $6.25 Per 12 pack

    Rubber Ducks
  • $7.50 Per 12 pack

    Yellow Ducks
  • $15.35 Per 12 pack

    Yellow Rubber Ducks
  • $26.95 Per 50 pack

    Rubber 2" Ducks
  • $3.99 Each

    LED Duck Push Toy
  • $14.00 Per 6 pack

    LED Pink Flamingos
  • $9.00 Per 12 pack

    Duck Quacker Necklaces

Who doesn't remember the fun of childhood baths filled with bubbles, boats, and rubber ducks? With Windy City Novelties' selection of rubber ducks you can bring back some of that childhood nostalgia and bring a smile to anyone's face! Whether you're stocking up on basic yellow rubber ducks for a charity duck race, want some festive sweetheart ducks for a friend who collects them, think mini sports ducks are perfect party favors for a party, or want duck balloon weights for a baby shower, these rubber ducks will work for any occasion! Or you can just order your own rubber ducks so you're sure you always have one handy when you want to indulge in a bubble bath with a reminder of your childhood!