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Black Plastic Top Hats

  Super Cute
By AmyM in US , 01/07/14
We used these for our girl scout troop to dress up like snowmen for the Christmas Parade. They were great.
  Great product, great service, will order
By Mary in US , 01/07/14
Look forward to having my next event
  Great product
By Suzy T. in US , 12/10/13
We used these hats for our Christmas Program when we sang ""Frosty the Snowman."" The were perfect for our Pre-Schoolers and they looked adorable. We then sent them home as a gift from the teachers. Would definitely purchase again!
  Hats are very nice
By Rodrigo in US , 11/04/13
  Top Hats
By Kteacher in US , 06/11/13
used this product as part of a end of the year celebration for kindergarten students. It went well with our end of the year song, First Grade First Grade (tune of New York New York)
  I would buy this product again.
By rooney in US , 04/14/13
The product arrived quickly with no problems and will be perfect for our end of the year program.
  Perfect for Purpose
By The Real McCoy in US , 04/06/13
The top heads were just what I needed as a centerpiece decoration for a celebration!
  They made excellent centerpieces
By Gandy in US , 03/04/13
I used these as the containers for flowers for a black and white 1930s dinner in assisted living.They worked well and were very striking
  Great for Decorations
By Lisa Raffle Que in US , 02/06/13
We are using these hats for ticket drops for raffles. We are adding ribbon and a bottom and cutting a slit in the top. These hats are perfect for our needs and the price is great!
  I got exactly what I thought.
By Elementary Prin in US , 02/04/13
We used this for our ""TopHats & Tiaras"" Elementary Ball at school.
  Black Plastic Top Hats
By Ann the party p in US , 12/16/12
We did a Broadway theme for my boss and was a great hit!
  Just What I Needed
By Kathy the teach in US , 11/26/12
Service was very good.
By Brian and Abiga in US , 11/22/12
This was an amazing purchase. We Celebrated Our Wedding Anniversary @ Homeless Shelter and gave these out to approx 200 Homeless Men & Women as Honoring them as our Guest. What a Mitzvah! It was a thrill to see them don..their ""Top Hats"" in Regal Style.. Kudos! Brian and Abigail Danyleyko
  As expected for the price
By MS in US , 07/10/12
Hats are a little small and flimsy, but for the price and my purposes (1 time use), they did the job. They were easy to spray paint as well.
  Thank you for being fast
By tj in US , 06/18/12
thank you for being so fast the kindergaren class loved the hats for there graduation
  Black top hats
By Terri in US , 05/09/12
Using the top hats, which I am very pleased with, in a theme party at our golf course.