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LED Peace Sign Necklaces

  Hippie Happening
We own studio rights to a local radio station called Hippie Radio and were celebrating our 1 year anniversary. We had a huge party and our light up peace necklaces were a fan favorite!!!, 03/20/12
- By Boop From US
  Unique LED product
LOVED the peace sign necklaces....they really were unique in the way they faded in and out of different colors. The only issue I had is that the string tended to detach from the peace sign on too many of them, and the packaging made it extremely difficult to separate them from each other. Maybe put the strings in a tube for shipping so they don't tangle? I would recommend ordering extra to accou, 11/17/11
- By Bklynwen From US
  Kids Loved 'Em!
These were terrific fun for my daughter's 7th Birthday party with 24 of her classmates. Not all of the necklaces worked, so I would order a dozen extra than you need because everyone will want one! You don't want to disappoint any of the kids like I had to! They light up really brightly. The overall quality isn't the best but isn't the worst either. I wasn't going for something long-lasting -, 05/15/11
- By Cindy Lou From US
great for parties or gifts, 05/11/11
- By no need to know From US
  A beautiful master""peace""!:-)
Loved these!!! I used them as winner medals at my Peace on Earth Xmas party. We played different games and the winners received them for first place wins. Everyone loved them! The leftover necklaces I used as light up ornaments for the tree., 01/31/11
- By Dragonflygal From US
  Kids Loved Them
They were a big hit but they don't last very long. They lasted for the night of the party but didn't light up by the next day., 11/29/10
- By Bat Mitzvah Pla From US
  works well good quailty
sell product very colorful eye catcher, 11/22/10
- By pat From US