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Stove Pipe Hats

  the kids love the stove top hats!
By Fundraising for in US , 10/17/13
I use these at fundraising partys. The kids love them!
  Lots of fun
By pleased parent in US , 12/22/12
We got these for my son's Bar Mitzvah- the kids had fun with them; the colors were cute and festive.
  Great party hats!
By AML in US , 11/10/12
We used these hats for my daughters birthday party! They were super easy to decorate and held up when worn for several hours. Would have liked to see more color choices such as yellow and white or red and white, but the kids had a great time picking which one they wanted and wearing them all evening!
  GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By BEBA in US , 10/14/12
  durable, colorful and fit well
By gad nite chairp in US , 05/11/12
used for a disney grad nite event. feel durable and fit an adult head well.
  Fun way to identify volunteers/staff
By Executive Assis in US , 04/30/12
These are a terrific way to identify volunteers and staff at a conference. Attendees love being able to easily identify someone who can help them. Once volunteers/staff get over the ""Do I really have to wear that?"" question everyone has fun with it. The colors are great. We have to buy more every year as the volunteers want to keep them!
  Cat in the Hat Hats
By teachu2 in US , 12/13/11
My 2nd graders were thrilled when they got to pick a hat for their Christmas present! They wore them all afternoon!
  Great fun product
By SILC Executive in US , 05/12/11
Initially our volunteers, attendants and hosts were reluctant to wear the hats. However, it soon became clear that our conference attendees loved the hats and were appreciative of the easy way to recognize staff that could answer their questions or assist them as needed. It didn't take long before we too were having fun wearing the hats.
  Great for Carnival Prizes
By Party Me Perfec in US , 05/10/11
I purchased these for my 5yr old daughter's carnival themed birthday party. They were used as prizes for one of the game booths. They were perfect the kids loved them.
  I liked!
By BC in US , 05/10/11
Only issue was that I assumed that the dozen would be mixed. I received 6 pairs. I Have Had a fun time with the ones I have worn. Thanks.
  they made for awesome fun photo ops!!!
By Laura in US , 05/10/11
These were give-aways for my son's Bar Mitzvah and the kids loved them! Awesome photo ops for kids and adults alike!!!!
  Best price on the internet
By sew red in US , 03/22/11
The stove top hats were the best price on the internet - and believe me, I looked quite a bit!
  Dr. Seuss' birthday
By Librarylady in US , 03/22/11
All faculty and staff wore the hats on Dr. Seuss' birthday as part of our week-long celebration of Read Across America. We put them away for next year!
  Not bad at all
By brian in nc in US , 03/22/11
These are much nicer hats than I expected. Very simple adult size (I have a fairly large head) felt hats. No liner. Some colorful, my dozen included 2 each of 6 colors. For the price I was very happy with this item.
  As cute as seen in the Cat in the Hat
By Harriet in US , 01/13/11
We gave a hat to each employee of our company in the chritsmas party celebration. One of the best things that we found on this item was that you can keep it folded in a small space to use it again and again....
  Fun party favors for themed party
By LOLcandy in US , 01/07/11
Fun hats used as party favors for Cat in the Hat birthday party. A little large for small children, but they loved them anyway!