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LED Birthday Cake Hat

  90TH B-DAY
By Psnoopy in US , 07/25/13
  Fun and the candles light up, a bonus!
By Ina B in US , 02/16/13
A fun birthday treat for my 72 year old aunt. Next another for my 5 year old daughter. Brought lots of smiles to lots of faces!
  This hat was the life of the party!
By Maddy's day in US , 09/14/12
The product was easy to use; a simple flip of a switch that was then consealed in a small pouch. The hat was comfortable to wear and really made a statement. The candles flickered on & off, which added to the excitement and glow :)..It really made the party and the Birthday girl stand-out!
  What a hoot!!
By Queen Mum Nan in US , 08/15/12
I love a good laugh and am looking forward to wearing this to dinner on my birthday. I did take a piece of cardboard and cut it in a circle and pushed it up in the crown and it helped hold the candles up straighter.
  Birthday Celebration
By Bodywars in US , 07/10/12
I have wanted this hat ever since my fellow kindergarten teacher used one for her students' birthday celebrations. My mom had so much fun with it on her 80th birthday that I wasn't sure I was going to get it back. Luckily I did, so I'll be able to embarrass the rest of my family & friends!
  excellent experience with this company
By Julie in US , 05/12/12
I will use the product that I purchased in my upcoming birthday celebration.
By Drewvy in US , 05/01/12
Got this hat for an adult female for her birthday. Augmented the design with some glitter glue and rhinestones. I added a piece of a wire coat hanger, inside top rim of hat, to give it more structure to keep the candles more erect.
  LED Birthday Hat
By Judy in US , 03/08/12
The hat was super cute! Only problem was it was a little big for her! Other than that, we got alot of compliments on how cute it was!! Thanks!
  Great Hat!
By Diane in US , 01/30/12
I bought this hat for my sisters' 50th birthday. It looks great, and comes with batteries. It will add alot of laughs and fun to the party. It will look great in pictures. Best party hat and value I found anywhere. I can't wait for my sister to see it. Thanks,
  very fun! great price!
By becca's mo in US , 11/22/11
I purchased these for my daughters birthday, which was celebrated with a cross country race. These hats were part of the team costume and they were a hit! They stayed lit, held up well, and were even warm! Granted, the light color wasn't the best choice, but otherwise they were great! They were a hit!
  Nice party hat
By Denny in US , 11/06/11
We buy these quite often. Have them for family and friends when we celebrate birthdays.
By puma333 in US , 10/31/11
we are using the candles hat for is fun and easy to use...we are in love with it....good products
  Fun Had
By Grandma Kathy in US , 10/02/11
This is a fine hat. I know my Granddaughter will love it. It's well made and works great!
  "Just what we needed""
By Just Joni in US , 08/17/11
We will wear these hats when participating in the Relay for Life ""Celebrate More Birthdays""
  L.E.D. candles on a velvet birthday hat
By mj in US , 08/14/11
We're starting a family birthday tradition.
  Wore this on my fiftith!
By ajay in US , 08/07/11
I wore this on my fiftith birthday and got smiles and birthday wishes from everyone in the hotel. Not to mention giggles and laughes from all the kids! I've seem them for much more, that didn't even light up.