Windy City Novelties


Black Plastic Top Hats

  Super Cute
We used these for our girl scout troop to dress up like snowmen for the Christmas Parade. They were great., 01/07/14
- By AmyM From US
  Great product, great service, will order
Look forward to having my next event, 01/07/14
- By Mary From US
  Great product
We used these hats for our Christmas Program when we sang ""Frosty the Snowman."" The were perfect for our Pre-Schoolers and they looked adorable. We then sent them home as a gift from the teachers. Would definitely purchase again!, 12/10/13
- By Suzy T. From US
  Hats are very nice
e2eqw, 11/04/13
- By Rodrigo From US
  Top Hats
used this product as part of a end of the year celebration for kindergarten students. It went well with our end of the year song, First Grade First Grade (tune of New York New York), 06/11/13
- By Kteacher From US
  I would buy this product again.
The product arrived quickly with no problems and will be perfect for our end of the year program., 04/14/13
- By rooney From US
  Perfect for Purpose
The top heads were just what I needed as a centerpiece decoration for a celebration!, 04/06/13
- By The Real McCoy From US
  They made excellent centerpieces
I used these as the containers for flowers for a black and white 1930s dinner in assisted living.They worked well and were very striking, 03/04/13
- By Gandy From US
  Great for Decorations
We are using these hats for ticket drops for raffles. We are adding ribbon and a bottom and cutting a slit in the top. These hats are perfect for our needs and the price is great!, 02/06/13
- By Lisa Raffle Que From US
  I got exactly what I thought.
We used this for our ""TopHats & Tiaras"" Elementary Ball at school., 02/04/13
- By Elementary Prin From US
  Black Plastic Top Hats
We did a Broadway theme for my boss and was a great hit!, 12/16/12
- By Ann the party p From US
  Just What I Needed
Service was very good., 11/26/12
- By Kathy the teach From US
This was an amazing purchase. We Celebrated Our Wedding Anniversary @ Homeless Shelter and gave these out to approx 200 Homeless Men & Women as Honoring them as our Guest. What a Mitzvah! It was a thrill to see them don..their ""Top Hats"" in Regal Style.. Kudos! Brian and Abigail Danyleyko, 11/22/12
- By Brian and Abiga From US
  As expected for the price
Hats are a little small and flimsy, but for the price and my purposes (1 time use), they did the job. They were easy to spray paint as well., 07/10/12
- By MS From US
  Thank you for being fast
thank you for being so fast the kindergaren class loved the hats for there graduation, 06/18/12
- By tj From US
  Black top hats
Using the top hats, which I am very pleased with, in a theme party at our golf course., 05/09/12
- By Terri From US