Windy City Novelties


Black Vinyl Biker Hat

  Fabulous find
I had looked in so many places for this hat. It was a great price, way less than i expected to pay so i ordered it right away and received it in my mail in only two days. It's perfect for what I wanted it for, Halloween!, 09/22/13
- By Caty From US
  awesome quality
Never used Windy City before, so this was a shot in the dark. Very pleasant surprise to see item fit adults nicely & really great quality product., 03/12/13
- By high school dra From US
  Great Value
I dressed up as one of the Village People (biker) for Halloween and this hat was the final piece of the costume. It arrived in just 2 days and exceded my expectations., 11/09/12
- By Jeff From US
  I will buy next year
A.B.A.T.E. party, 05/28/12
- By Big Jim From US
  Anna's Review
We took them to a gun show and then an anime show. Anime is Japan's creations including Victorin stlyes and Old Stlyes. We have many friends and relations that ride motorbikes. We are four in my crafting business, 55 years to 61. These Anime conventions cater to the younger set. Most only remembered Marlon Brando as Superman's father and th God Fatther, we did alot of explaing about his youg, 05/01/12
- By Anna's Awesome From US
  WE sold every bike hat
sold at a con event, 04/10/12
- By anna's awesome From US
  Nice Quality - Perfect for ""YMCA"" song
Best value, 03/08/12
- By trexpatton From US
  Really Nice!
I bought this hat for our senior performing group. It was much nicer than I expected...really well made and attractive., 10/23/11
- By Sally From US
  Absolutely perfect!
You won't believe this but I needed this for my mom's talent contest at her church. All the ladies were over 70 years of age and they were The Village People, and my mom was the biker guy. She was the best dressed, thanks to your biker hat. I'm a graphic designer and very picky about details and I had her dressed fully in character. I'd researched all over for a biker hat and yours fit the bill pe, 10/12/11
- By Martin From US
  The perfect look for our show package!
I am the costume chair for a 60 member Sweet Adeline chorus that is gearing up for an International competition in Houston this Fall. This hat will be perfect for our ""Boogie Shoes"" show package. I love that the size is ample for adults and the material is pliable. I wasn't sure that I would like the chain accent and I was prepared to remove it....but it might just work the way it is!!, 08/02/11
- By Sharon From US
  Great Value
I ordered these for costumes for a play. They were perfect and a good value. Quality is good for the price.They held up well through all rehearsals and performances., 05/20/11
- By MerriamLibraria From US
I wore this one for the YMCA DANCE we did at my daughters DISCO PARTY. Everyone got to wear some kind of hat and it make the party so much fun., 05/13/11
- By CatdogsMom From US
  Best Quality
Best Price, best quality and Service, keep it up, 05/10/11
- By Jamil From US
  great product very proud of the quality
me and my customers like the quality and the chain really brings out the hat, 11/22/10
- By pat From US
  Exactly What I Was Looking For
Happy i found these- they were perfect for our play, and cheaper than anywhere else i could find., 07/08/10
- By Harley Fan From US
Thought they would be a little stronger but they were still awesome for pride week!, 07/07/10
- By BikerBoy From US