Windy City Novelties


LED American Flag Foam Lumiton

  sold out in 2 hours will purchase again!
Last year we sold these for the first time they were so easy to sell we are going to triple our order this year. Thanks for the suggestion, 03/06/13
- By Mike From US
  Great for all ages!
I purchased these to sell at a 4th of July celebration. At first, they were not selling because people couldn't see the lights, but as it got darker, we sold out and had more and more people asking for them!, 12/16/12
- By Phin out of wat From US
  Should have got more.
I bought two of these just to see how they worked and plan on getting more for the next 4th of July., 07/16/12
- By HEAVY From US
  very cool toy!
I gave this toy out as a party favor for an Olympic themed 6th birthday party. Immediately all the kids started using them as swords but luckily they are foam so no one was hurt. They held up well and the lights are really cool with six settings. I was very pleased with this toy., 06/23/12
- By Runningnut From US
  Kids LOVED these!
I bought these for the kids for a 4th of July celebration. I gave them to the kids at the festival before the fireworks and they loved them. They played with them all night, and never asked to buy any glow things from the people walking around. Even passersby were admiring them and saying how cool they are. The kids played with them for a long time after too. After much use, the outer paper c, 07/15/11
- By PJ From US
  Kids and Adults Love It. !!
Well worth the money. Everyone loved it..., 07/11/11
- By Dave From US
  Illuminating fun for all ages!
I'm not sure if the kids or adults had more fun with these. The expression on the kids faces was priceless., 07/11/11
- By Grammy with big From US
These were more popular that ALL of the other glow and toys I brought to my 4th of July party. I was already TOLD to bring back more next year. Please keep this item around!!, 07/06/10
- By ItalianLady From US
  Fun and Colorful
very cool!, 07/06/10
- By Joanie From US