Windy City Novelties


LED Expandable Swords

  Awesome - perfect for son's b-day party
I bought these to give out at our son's 6yr b-day party instead of goodie bags filled with useless trinkets. They will be perfect! I know the kids will love them. Our son and his little brother already are playing with theirs ahead of the party. I was worried about what I'd get for this relatively low price. Once we opened the package we were absolutely delighted. The light sabers were ready t, 08/20/13
- By MomOfThree From US
  Perfect for goody bag for birthday.
Perfect for my son's Angry Bird Star wars party.I will be giving them to all of the kids., 04/28/13
- By mommamia From US
  Great for live auctions!
Used by the spotters during a live auction., 02/13/13
- By KJA From US
  Totally awesome
Got these for our wedding and OMIGOSH you never saw so many happy, excited guests! The effect of multitudes of swinging Light Sabers was unforgettable! They even held up pretty well with the less restrained crowd., 02/04/13
- By new bride From US
  This is a cool multicolored sword.
I purchased these swords for a Christmas gathering with my family. I have many nieces and nephews that get together to enjoy an evening of Christmas lights. I was pleased with the many colors that it glowed and it was sturdy enough,, 01/16/13
- By Wendy Lou Who From US
  Great value!
Santa put these under the tree this year. The kids love them and they are really holding up!! Super bright, too!! With the price, he was able to give them to more kids- my kids' friends also got these from Santa. I wish the elves actually made them or that they were made in the good 'ole USA but I think Santa had to make a quick decision this year., 12/30/12
- By G From US
  excellent lightsabers
party favors, 11/21/12
- By D From US
  Good value
Kids loved the light sabres., 11/16/12
- By joie bear From US
  BEST Light Sabers EVER!
I searched high and low for months for durable light sabers for our Star Wars Party. I am so glad I found Windy City. The size was perfect for my goody bags others were much too large. They were a huge hit at the party! The children and adults loved the light-up and expandable features. I received calls and emails after the party telling me it was even more fun in the dark. They said they felt lik, 07/20/12
- By Chris the Wise From US
  Great party favor!
Got these as a party favor for my 6 year old's Star Wars birthday party. They were awesome! They light up solid as well as blinking. Great quality and value., 05/29/12
- By Chase's Mom From US
  Sweet Fun!
We used the swords for a light up performance for a college skit. Worked out great and literally got ""Oooo's and Ahh's"" when we turned them on. Great buy for the price! However, one out of the 12 didn't work, so just a heads up., 04/11/12
- By 50xGravity From US
  Great party favours
Great party favors for my 6 year olds Star Wars birthday party., 03/17/12
- By Jason From US
  Great party favors!
We gave these out as party favors at my five-year-old's star wars birthday party. They were a huge hit with the kids - and parents (because parents liked this more than their child receiving a bag of candy and little junk toys). Great value, too! I will say that one of them did not work but I called the company and they refunded my credit card for the price of one of the swords., 03/10/12
- By PotteryCats From US
  Will be buying more!!!
I planned a large family trip to Disney and didn't want to spent an arm and a leg for similar items at the Parks. These were perfect! Plenty of space on the the sword to write each kids name and apply a small decal sticker. The swords were cheap in price but not in quality. I was expecting them to be real small and flimsy but they were sturdy and of great quality. The kids loved the different ligh, 02/08/12
- By Family Event Pl From US
  big hit
Used as parting gifts at a Star Wars party for my 7 year old Great value hugh hit, 01/26/12
- By venus From US
  These Are Awesome
We used these for my son's birthday parties and they were perfect for the kiddos to fight ""Darth Vader"" and each other. They have fun blinking and flashing and multiple light modes and survived some banging around while fighting., 10/22/11
- By W&H Mom From US