Windy City Novelties


LED 7" Light Stick Wands

  Christmas Hit...
Was a big hit with my grandson at Christmas...he's nine months and like to hold things up and shake them., 12/27/12
- By Proud Grandpa From US
  great product
Used for camp overnight. Have used this item several times in the past. We tried something new last year and this year we went right back to this favorite!! Great value!!, 07/10/12
- By camp director From US
  More Fun Than I Thought
Wowzer! these things are CRAZY-Bright! like.. ""don't look directly at them""-bright! But, They're hypnotically fun to swing around and watch the colors change (seemingly) in mid-air!, 01/25/12
- By chjaway From US
  love em!
Great product, great price:), 11/03/11
- By glowmama From US
I used these as an extra for grab bags. I had actually ordered something similar elsewhere, but was running short and the shipping would have taken too long from the original place. I'm so glad these were only $0.15 more and were much more durable!!!!, 09/20/11
- By J's Mom From US
  Love these !
I buy 2 dozen of these every year for my 4th of July party guests.Both kids and adults love them.They are a great party favor,nice bright colors,and the batteries last a long year I may need 3 dozen.worth the price!, 07/19/11
- By Pauline From US
For a school function. Sold a lot & the kids were very into them. Worked easily & well., 05/19/11
- By pto volunteer From US
  great effect
We used these for a special effect in our dance recital. They looked great., 05/15/11
- By Lady From US
  Fun, bright, colorful sticks
We used these product during Mardi Gras celebration. Our group look great with the bright, colorful lights., 03/23/11
- By teva From US
  GREAT product and a great value!
These lightsticks were the hit of the party. They have multiple settings (one color, multi colors, slow fade, etc.) and they all worked! The kids loved having light sticks that they could bring home and use again and again!, 03/22/11
- By Mom to 4 From US
  nice for glowstringing
I love these sticks. If you like glowsticks, these are awesome. If you don't mind a shorter string while glowstringing, these are awesome for that too. You can always add a longer string if you really wanterd to though, 01/31/11
- By angrageous From US
  great, reliable, bright
used to lead groups on tours, keeping them together, following me, can see them from quite a distance, not too bright that it bothers you. made better than most other products. not sure where they're made, but those from china are flimsy, these are well made, solid, reliable. batteries last a long time., 01/26/11
- By gypsum From US
  Long Lasting!!!
used at a party. everyone loved them, 01/16/11
- By Dolla Jill From US
I absolutely LOVE these things and so do ALL of my friends. They're incredible, cheap and so colorful. Pretty sturdy too. I take them to EVERY SINGLE party and all of my friends want to use them. I love the modes- very bright :), 11/25/10
- By Gracie From US
  Awesome! Huge Hit!!
We purchased these as party favors for our company wiener roast. All of the kids took them on the hay rack ride. Huge hit!! Even the adults we asking for them., 11/22/10
- By Precision From US
  Flash of Light
Everyone loved these. Would definitely buy them again., 11/22/10
- By Beabop From US