Windy City Novelties


LED Spike Bracelets

  awesome item for kids and adults
By PTA mom in US , 11/11/12
ordered these for a movie night at school and they sold out in no time....everyone wanted one. It has been weeks and my girls are still wearing them.
  Good Party Favor
By Poco Loco in US , 09/16/12
Great way to add excitement to any party, my guest really got a kick out of them
  Very colorful and fun!!
By The merchant in US , 08/21/12
I purchased this item to resell and overall, am happy with it. The only drawback is that it's a little difficult to turn on and off. The switch isn't very obvious and is hard to press, but other than that, it's a great item for anyone.
  Fun Bracelet!
By Good Times in US , 11/17/11
  Good but not great
By John in US , 11/03/11
We only bought 1 dozen of these and had one that didn't work at all out of the bag. Another died in about an hour. 2 out of 12 with issues isn't that great. The on/off switch was a bit difficult for younger kids to work.
  Lasted several nights
By sugarcube in US , 09/10/11
Night time fun
  Very Bright
By Grandpa P in US , 12/28/10
Another item for both adults and kids. Seem to never purchase enough.
  These were my son's favorite thing for
By Barb in US , 07/12/10
his Bar Mitzvah! Great item
  Brings all the Kids to the yard
By the lite up Lad in US , 07/08/10
I keep these around the house for all the neighborhood children. They just eat them up, especially in the summer! I hardly ever have any defects, and they keep well.