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LED Rocks Glass

  Hit of the Party!!!
By mtgreeneyes in US , 07/25/13
I bought these for my husband's 50th Surprise party and I made up a cocktail table for people to make their own drinks. I turned all of the glasses on and everyone went nuts over them. They were so inexpensive they made a great take home party favor as well. Highly recommend them!!!
  Really Niceeee I would buy it again !!!
By Dani in US , 12/15/12
Great for celebrations
  fun surprise
By rebecca rowdy in US , 07/21/12
use to serve desserts or drinks and the glasses make people laugh. I was given one at a fundraiser and bought some for myself and a friend who entertains often.
  Fun Product
By mummy in US , 06/30/12
Cute, cute, cute...lights worked as promised, but of the 4 I ordered one arrived broken and 2 arrived cracked, due to poor packing.
By K-dawg in US , 08/08/11
Love these cups! I took some to Burning Man last year and they held up great. Now I use them at my house when I'm feeling festive. They get a little intense at night, which can either be fun or give you a headache, but during the day they provide a subtle sparkle to your beverage.
  A hit
By grandma in US , 07/11/11
Only negative is that item should not be immersed in water, but kids loved them.
  flashing rocks glasses are great!
By Querido in US , 05/12/11
We ordered many - a couple arrived broken, but we are still very satisfied with the product
By Charles O. Slav in US , 05/10/11
I gave the flashing shot glasses to a couple artist friends who like to throw tequila parties. They've already used them with great success!
  fun glass!
By mame in US , 03/22/11
Used for a Mardi Gras celebration...they were a hit!
By MELLIE MEL in US , 01/06/11
  Great idea
By Pammie B in US , 12/29/10
Top notch
  Smashing Hit in Nassau
By Flash in US , 12/28/10
I was disappointed in the first shipment since many of the glasses would not function. I called Windy City and you sent me replacement cups. They were to be table giveaways for Christmas and unfortunately the replacements arrived a day late. We took them with us for Christmas in Nassau and everyone wanted to know where we got them so I told them and don't be surprised if you get orders from the
  AWSOME EFFECTS lights up the acrylic too
By Mr. & Mrs. Flas in US , 10/20/10
I'm attracted to anything fun that lights up for parties and celebrations--this is by far the most wow factor thing I've ever bought. I bought 12 to get the price lower--that was a good decision. My only regret is that I didn't buy bigger glasses--8oz. Isn't enough!!! I don't have kids, so I'm not sure if they would turn it upside down to turn it off and on and spill the drink. LOVE WINDY CITY
  Perfect for my limo company
By James M. in US , 07/06/10
I purchased a bunch of these to use for my limo service, and the turn out was just amazing. I am very pleased with my purchase.