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LED Flameless Multi-Color Votive Candle

  loved it
By Peneolpe in US , 02/16/13
served as bar lights
  Awesome Product
By DAS in US , 02/04/13
Used these as table decor for a 60's themed party. I was very please with them. Do note however, when you turn the switch on at the bottom, you need to click the button on the bottome to get the effect you are looking for. They stay solid color, blink different colors, stay 2 colors. I love these and will use them again.
  Changing colorvotives are Cool!
By Pam the Rocker in US , 12/14/12
We ordered about 30 of these for tables at a"" Rockin 60'"" party- 60's music for all 60 year olds. Naturally all the rainbow colors were the theme so the votives that changed colors on the table were great! Since the event was held in a school gym the safety of having the simple lights vs a candle was perfect.They did get picked up by guest they were so cool though! We only had 14 by the end of the
  Added impact
By Janice in US , 09/29/12
Votive candles created an ambiance that was fun and entertaining. Several people asked where we got them from, as they had never seen something like them before. Definitely added a ""fun factor"" to our 50th Birthday party!
  Loved them.
By Merle in US , 09/13/12
Used them on the tables for an outside party. They were gorgeous and I didn't have to worry about fire and wind.
  great for a party
By Party Planner in US , 07/11/12
Good for a party
  Perfect for our event!
By Glor in US , 05/08/12
Used for a glow in the dark party, lots of fun
  Worked Great
By Packiegirl in US , 03/12/12
Used to light a table for teen event and worked great.
  Small Candle Big Impact
By Cindy the Plann in US , 03/08/12
The event venue that we were at did not allow open flames. Regular LED candles are boring. We venue lighting was lowered and the candles were placed on the bars, buffet tables and cocktail rounds. Having the different color choices was great.
  Terrific Product
By bobay in US , 03/08/12
These were a great addition to the festive birthday celebration. I have also used them outside around the pool for a BarB Q. Everything that I ordered was really nice and arrived in a timely fashion. Friends and family have already requested the name of the company.
By Iz in US , 07/15/11
I was pleasantly surprised by all the beautiful color combinations and how brightly it illuminated! For the price I did not expect such a high quality product. It is very well made and easy to use. I ordered them to use for The Fourth of July and they were great for indoor and outdoor use. There are lots of colors to match different occasions.
  Fun & Flashy
By EmeraldLady in US , 07/12/11
Great Value! Lots of Fun!!
By Waldorf Mom in US , 07/11/11
I used these candles during a scout ceremony to symbolize the girls journey to the next level of scouting. They all loved the candles and several parents asked where I purchased them. The candles looked good and were a great hit with pre-teen girls.
  Good price, great quality
By THE BOB in US , 01/16/11
I use these to add more color to items that are made to have a candle in back of them to light-up the object. With the different color modes, you can really change the look of the item you are lighting up...and most importantly, there is no fire danger.
  Unlimited use
By Grandpa P in US , 12/28/10
  great looking great quality
By Rainbow Cafe in US , 07/14/10
Wish you had these with the rechargable option! They are beautiful in my cafe.