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Clown Red Noses

  clown noses
By BUCKET in US , 09/15/13
  They don't clown around!
By Bobby Vegas in US , 08/25/13
I am a graduating student for Media Arts and Animation, and I needed a giveaway for my portfolio show. I purchased the clown noses to go along with my ""Rubber Nose Gang"" theme, and they work perfectly, and easy to use. Thank you. It's EXACTLY what I was looking for. You rock...and it was very affordable.
  Perfect for event
By Patty Cake in US , 08/13/13
I am the boss clown of Freestate Clown Alley. August 1-7 is International Clown Week! We gave out these noses to the residents of assisted living homes and just about anyone we meet that week! They were awesome!
  great item!
By gail in US , 05/04/13
giving out as part of a package for circus themed mother daughter brunch. Can't wait to have kids put them on and take pictures in them.
  I would buy this product again and again
By Carrie the Part in US , 03/21/13
The service on this product was amazing and really quick shipping. Worked great for what I needed it for - a large gathering of people to all wear noses to surprise a guest speaker that was nervous. Although, they are a little too big for small children's noses. They didn't want to stay on little noses.
  Great for the price!
By T. D. in US , 02/05/13
I used the noses for a Father-daughter dance giveaway with tickets. All the girls and the dad's could not wait to get one! The noses held up great. They did have a little bit of a smell when first open So, I would recommend opening a few days before event. Other then that for the price they were great. As an event planner I would definitely buy them again!
  Perfect addition to our circus event.
By Jeff, theater t in US , 02/04/13
We hold a circus event/game day each year with groups of high school sophomores paired with 4th graders, and the clown noses are an inexpensive addition that encourage playfulness and add a fun energy to the day. The price can't be beat!
  foam noses
By Costumes for a in US , 11/06/12
Pros: 1) Not having an elastic band around your face to hold it on. 2) They were inexpensive enough that you could toss nose after use. Cons: 1) Lint sticks to the foam easliy.
  Red Noses are Great
By Montana Belle in US , 10/23/12
I always turn to Windy City Novelties when I need something funny and - frankly - not too expensive. As a professional humorist, I use noses by the dozen and that's how I buy them. By the way, if your audiences or parties includes elderly folks, it's best to provide them with a holder - like a tongue so they can hold the nose up to their face because if they put the nose on, it makes it
  The Kids Love Them
By Santa in Chicag in US , 09/18/12
I play Santa Claus and I tell the children Rudolph can't come until Christmas, so I ask the children to wear a red nose and reindeer antlers and to be Rudolph for me. They all love to do this and it also makes for great pictures with Santa.
  No packaging but same quality
By Terry's Travel in US , 08/27/12
I give all my clients a red nose prior to departure on a trip. I ask them for a fun photo. The packaging is nice so they know what it is and that it is new. However, it is packaging that is not really needed most of the time. That is why you see it in ""pros"" and ""cons"". The quality is the same as those packaged individually. They will still be fun and easy to give and to send. (Terry's Trav
  clown noses
By jwb designs in US , 08/12/12
during a charity auction for childrens hospital these noses will be given out to childen the theme of the charity auction is carnival it lightens the mood and keeps the spirits high
  They were a big hit at the clown party!!
By Foxy in US , 06/18/12
I use these noses for my daughters clown theme birthday party. They were great for adults and specially the little ones.
  Inexpensive fun!
By Sara PeaceDance in US , 04/29/12
My 14 dozen clown noses arrived very quickly. They're fun, easy to use; a universal, international symbol of good will (we've given them away in Costa Rica and Israel). This time they're for a BIG surprise party, 5 days from now. I can hardly wait!
  I will definately be buying noses here
By Lovie the Clown in US , 04/12/12
I use these noses as give aways. As a Christian Clown, I tell bible stories and then ask the children questions. All who offer an answer get a nose. (Everyone is given a nose!) I also use the noses as a team building exercise. In a stressful job,you can't always express your frustration. So you put on your nose and stand up, your team mates stand up and put on their noses! Before you know it all a
  Lots of fun and laughs.
By Tina from Texas in US , 01/29/12
Great for my Circus theme Ladies Event. Shipped out quickly. Very helpful.