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Warbling Bird Whistles

  Memories for my mother.
Price was right on this pkg of birds. Mother (92 yrs young) mentioned using a porcelain one in a school performance when she was in first grade. I went online and found these. She was delighted!, 01/07/14
- By alsobz From US
  Cute, Chirpy Bird Whistles
I purchased these for the children in our family. They really loved them and spent quite a lot of time blowing them. You have to get the water ratio in them just right for them to start working. They are plastic, but for the price you pay it is a good purchase., 01/05/14
- By Dee From US
  Kids and adults love them!
These whistles were a hit with kids and adults alike. When I opened them in the office, everyone had to have one. We used them as give-aways for our Fourth of July float, which was bird-themed. The only thing I wish they had was instructions right on each whistle. There is a generation or two out there that don't know how water whistles work!, 07/08/13
- By LazyEm From US
  Beautiful warbling birds
These little birds really took me back to my childhood. What's great is that you only need a little water. Should be pretty safe for young children., 04/15/13
- By Nick Name From US
  Fun Sounds
These were given as prizes in school. Many of the children talked about how fun they were to use. You do have to add more than a drop or two of water though!, 04/03/13
- By Jaclyn From US
These were the perfect addition to the favor bags for my son's nature center birthday. They are fun and easy to use and fit our nature theme., 03/06/13
- By Jillybean From US
  Nostalgia at it's best!
We purchased these for wedding favors. The wedding has an old-world theme and these kind of whistles have been enjoyed by children for years and years. They are simple, good, clean fun and have no need of electronics or batteries. Watching my kids play with something their great- grandparents enjoyed just plain tickles me!, 12/17/12
- By dandelionmom From US
  The Best whistle ever
This was a wonderful thing to bring to an outdoor event. Kids loved this. Just remember to have water close for them to fill this bird whistles., 10/21/12
- By Esther La Mala From US
  A hit at the festival!
Our non profit organization needed a fun product to sell at the festivals in Missouri. The bird warblers we ordered were sold very quickly. I equipped my grandchildren with warblers and our sales went through the roof. We raise funds for the families of our fallen heroes. Thank you Windy City for a fun product., 09/29/12
- By The Motexkid From US
  decent and inexpensive
tried a couple of these in preparation for using them during our wedding recessional (in lieu of bubbles, confetti, etc.). they definitely warble! are a little piercingly loud for user. have to blow harder than for regular whistles, and need experimentation to find correct water's more than just ""a couple drops."" all in all, should work fine for our purposes., 06/19/12
- By Boise Bride From US
  as depicted
The water whistles are great, exactly as depicted, fast delivery!, 06/05/12
- By Stormin From US
  Warbling Bird Whistles are Wonderful
Great, simple product. Kids are giving as class stocking stuffers. Even husband got one out to play with., 11/18/11
- By heather From US
  Bird whistles were of great quality.
This was a vacation bible school treat for the kids to go along with our theme. It was well received and used by the kids.. They enjoyed it., 08/21/11
- By Suzie From US
  A good buy!
Actually, I was looking to replace my daughter's forty year old plastic bird that my grandchildren broke. This price and quantity could not be beat and they're truly delightful and make children extremely happy. They're simple, playful, harmless and a wonder for all ages!, 08/09/11
- By franland From US
[...] the product is exactly what we wanted, 07/13/11
- By Annie From US