Windy City Novelties


Animal Print Folding Fans

  great product.
may family decorated it with flowers and sea shells, for a center piece. they are colorful and the print was good for our theme., 08/03/13
- By denise From US
  Great selling item
These sell very well., 06/28/13
- By Karen From US
  Very colorful fans
We gave them away as prizes and to keep cool. Everyone love the product., 02/09/13
- By Joestar From US
  Fun Animal Print Fans!
I bought these fans on a lark to take to a women's group outing for a weekend. Turns out the temperature was 90-100 degrees! The fans were a big hit! But the paper tended to rip if used too enthusiastically. The patterns were cute & the favorite was peacock!, 07/15/12
- By Weekend Camper From US
  Lotta Air!
I had to buy 12 to get the one I wanted, but my friends sure are happy about that! I love my fans; they work perfectly. Thank you!, 07/01/12
- By Hot Flashes From US
  Cool fun!
These were great for our outdoor house concert. Temps were hot but these helped keep our guests cooler. They enjoyed the designs and thought they were fun and useful. I'd buy them again and recommend them to friends., 06/20/12
- By Sandy From US
  Most satisfied.
The fans were all that I hoped[...] and cooled many people at a long, hot meeting on a long, hot summer day., 08/14/11
- By New fan of Wind From US
  Very ""cool""
Use it in a prize box for rewarding children., 08/10/11
- By Missy From US
Hot flash control! Need the fans, love them. Perfect for purses., 08/09/11
- By cool lady From US