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Rock Star LED Right Hand Sequin Glove

  The Best
Used the gloves as a DJ give away at our daughter's outdoor evening Bat Mitzvah party. KIDS ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM. They look REALLY COOL on the dance floor, particularly when the lights are dimmed. If they were not as pricy, we wish we would have ordered enough for all our guests.... Not sure how durable they will be in the long run, but for the purposes of our party, all the gloves we receive, 09/30/12
- By Lou K From US
We used these gloves for a show we were doing as a fundraiser for our local Avow Hospice Group. The gloves were used in a dance emulating Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. They were perfect!, 03/08/12
- By Activities Dire From US
  Rockstar For Sure!!
These were a huge hit with the entire party including the hired entertainers!!, 03/08/12
- By Party Mom From US
  Works great
We purcahsed seveal LED products for a wedding reception to 'lighten up' the party. They put all in a great mood and the dance floor was filled all night. Added additioanl fun to a great event, 09/06/11
- By Daddy T From US
Gave them away as gifts at a party I had. Wish i would have had another hundred. Everyone wants them. Priced just right, 08/27/11
- By Jack of Orland From US
  Lights were difficult to turn off.
All of the lighted items were difficult to turn off. We bought the hat, glove and bowties. I think some of them broke while we were trying to turn them off. They should come with illustrated donations., 06/01/11
- By miss j From US
  Crazy Awesome!
I happen to be a Michael Jackson impersonating clown- ive been looking for something just like this and have just been using sequin gloves. These take my show to the next level. Only drawback seems to be the price for each glove. it makes buying a set a little costly. But they are a very nice, flashy piece! Every who saw this item loved it! Thank you for an innovative spin on a classic piece!, 03/02/11
- By Neverland the K From US
  The next level
First time I've seen these! Wonderful product but is a little pricey. Would liked to have ordered more, 11/15/10
- By Need more Mitzv From US