Windy City Novelties


Mardi Gras Feather Boa

This is the 2nd year that I have bought from them for Mardi Gras items in New Orleans. I can say that I have saved hundreds versus buying locally., 01/02/13
- By WInecaptain From US
  Fun - but it sheds!
All the ladies at our Mardi Gras themed party were given these colorful boas to wear/keep. I opened them in advance OUTSIDE - and shook the dust and loose feathers out of them. Lots of it! That made wearing them better, but there were still lots of feathers on the floor. Quality is ok - sort of thin, but a great value and everyone enjoyed wearing them! Perfect for my party., 11/16/12
- By Susie From US
  Too Cute!
I used these at a conference where the theme was Marti Gras. It was a hit!, 06/29/12
- By Pure Confidence From US
  Great for Mardi Gras costuming
i used this for building a mardi gras bird costume. it was great!, 03/22/11
- By Doug From US
  colorful and attention grabbing
Nice and long; although a little thin on feathers, it was perfect for our use - wear for Mardi Gras day and for in-house decorations., 03/22/11
- By mamajeannek From US