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Green 6" Glow Stick

  Long Lasting and Great Quality
By Brian the AD in US , 10/17/13
We ordered about 200 of these glow sticks in an assortment of colors for a ""Retro Rewind"" dance at our University and they were one of the biggest hits of the evening! (We could've - and should've - easily tripled our initial order!) Long lasting and easy to use, most of these glow sticks were still usable over 24 hours later. Great price, too!
  Go Green
By CD in US , 04/07/12
I purchased the green glo-sticks for St. Patricks Day parade. They were a hit with the young and the old. My delivery time was as promised. I will definetly be ordering again.
  Fast and excellent product
By Hittman in US , 10/01/11
Very excellent product. The packaging says 8 hours, but I had one cracked at 8 p.m. and at 5 in the morning (still dark out), it was still glowing strong. Each glowstick is individually packaged, enhancing the longivity of the product. Product was packaged very nicely and even came with an elastic string to tie to stick....most ""other"" brands don't give you that.
  great product
By champion in US , 08/30/11
Good for festival
By Ray in US , 05/31/11
Color was bright and lasted several hours.