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LED White Sunglasses

  Made me the HIT of the costume party!!!!
By Grimek524 in US , 10/28/12
These glasses really attract attention when the room lights are low, combined with other light up accessories one might wear on a costume. Super product! Thanks!
  Cool flashing glasses!
By Mom of 3 XYs in US , 10/22/12
My sons are using these as part of their Halloween costumes. They're super fun and they especially like that they have so many flash patterns. One thing to know is that the arms are rather thick due to the electronics and switches, so they may feel bulky on the head and not necessary slip behind the ears.
  These glasses rock!
By Jesalyn in US , 10/16/12
These glasses are bright fun and a perfect wya to get the party going! I bought them for my New Year's Eve Wedding and they were delivered to my office. Everyone agreed they will be a huge hit.
By Lechuga in US , 08/12/12
We used it in our wedding reception, it was ok. People used it and it was hard to break it though.
By Ron in US , 07/02/12
Wedding was the best - this just tweaked it to make it more memorable - thanks from a fathers standpoint.
  Get Noticed!
By Herteddyness in US , 03/08/12
I buy these every year for our group to wear to a very formal dinner. We are always a hit!
  Well Worth the Money!!
By Ms. Delta in US , 08/20/11
My son LOVED these glasses! I ordered these glasses for my son's ALL-WHITE STUNNA 16th SPLASH BASH, and they were PERFECT glasses to go with the theme. All the kids needed to wear ALL-WHITE and these glasses really Set It Off!! I was pleased to have found these glasses. Thank you Windy City!!!!
  Love Them!I would buy this product again
By Lion in US , 07/14/11
  A HUGE hit!!!
By Cindy in US , 03/23/11
Purchased for my daughter's Sweet 16. HUGE hit!! Everyone loved them and would definitely recommend. Worth the extra money. All about quality not quantity.
  Princess Wears White
By Cally Wally Par in US , 03/22/11
These white glasses were the best of all the colors. We used the gem tone glasses for all 8 hosts of our roving cocktail party, and saved the white ones for the Birthday Girl. They were a huge hit with all 25 guests.
  just for fun
By jtcater in US , 02/01/11
[...]we used them for new years eve. they really added to the party!
  Must have for Bar/Bat Mitzvah party
By Sue in US , 12/28/10
These are always a hit and really stand out, esp if party room has minimal lighting. We had our DJ hand them out as the kids entered the room.