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Silver Metallic Fringe Door Curtain

  Just what we needed!
Great product, price and value. Wasn't tangled. Easy to install., 07/05/13
- By Aimee From US
  Stage Decorations
Perfect for our High School Play!, 04/07/13
- By rab479 From US
  Bling on the cheap
n/a, 04/03/13
- By MargieJ From US
  Metallic fringed door curtain
Going to use the metallic curtains in a New York theme party at our golf course. I am pleased with the product so far., 05/09/12
- By Terri From US
  Can't wait to use this!!
We will be bringing this overseas with us, for our wedding abroad! A nice sparkle to any pictures! fun to walk through and get that added drama. The curtain sparkles as you walk through it!! Can't wait to use it for when we first walk in as husband and wife! ~ Cheers! I definetly would recommend this product to anyone! Adds fun! to the party!~, 04/08/12
- By Michelle From US
  I would buy this product again
I use it on the wall with lanters so people took pictures there, 03/11/12
- By susie From US
  Pizzazz on a budget
Used this for a 70's themed party. Since it was a fundraiser we were on a tight budget - this was a great price for a great look. Used it on entrances to the ballroom for a ""wow"" effect. Would definitely use it again., 03/08/12
- By Party committee From US
  Step into your theme
Great value, looks good transformed our doorway for us to enter our hollywood themed party, 03/08/12
- By DAM From US
  Fun decoration!
We all liked this decoration at our Rock Star Party. The only problem was that it was too long for a standard doorway and was hard to cut off to make it work without tearing it at the top or getting it tangled up., 10/31/11
- By MamaLisa From US
  Looked cool
These looked great. I used them on three doorways for a Star Wars themed birthday party. I was very happy with the way they looked when they were hung. Two cons - the fringe was missing in some spots or was torn away from the stripe used to tape them up. I would purchase an extra or two so you can fill in the gaps where the fringe is missing. They looked really wonderful on the doors., 07/27/11
- By Mom From US
  Perfect for adding a little drama
Used this for entry to a disco dancing room at a party we threw. Everyone loved it. Added a little extra drama for very little cost., 07/11/11
- By Happy in CA From US
We used the product for door hangers when we created a ""spaceship"" out of the hall way. It really helps set the scene but doesn't hold up well with several children in and out of the doorways repeatedly. Held up for three days though - just long enough!! Worth the money paid., 06/22/11
- By MommaNance From US
  We would buy this product again.
Used on the stage stairway entrances for a graduation., 06/07/11
- By jewel From US
  Nice addition to a door way!
Although these curtains are not the most durable, I laid 3 curtains next to each other on the floor, taped them together, and reenforced the top with clear packing tape before hanging. They held up very well with a lot of parents and teens walking in and out of a double doorway., 05/10/11
- By Momto3 From US
  Very pretty and easy to use
The curtains I ordered were so pretty and so easy to hang. I was shocked and delighted., 04/13/10
- By Fuzzy Navel From US