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Blue LED Pen

  Medicine Field
I received a new heart in 2018 and to thank everyone that I came in contact with, I give them a light pen. I give away over 200 pens. Even to this day at the heart hospital I have to go to, the staff still talk about my gift to them., 06/28/23
- By Robert Hendricks From S.C.
  Just as expected
Host for formal party. Gave out to attendees. They loved them., 03/21/13
- By jhboston From US
  Great for keeping dream journals!
I use it for writing in my dream journal so I don't have to turn on a the room light and wake myself up. It's ideal for this, as well as taking notes during a lecture or movie., 03/13/12
- By Peter O From US
  These pens are amazing!
I love these pens! I work in under dark conditions as a server. These pens keep me from having to hold a flashlight while I write orders down. The light is enough to help me, but not distract from the show. I would recommend them to everyone!, 03/09/12
- By Crystal From US
  the pen works great!
the pen is great for its value.[...], 09/08/11
- By szr From US
  Blue LED pens are awesome
I purchased these pens for my grandchildren. They use them in dimly lit rooms in order to see the paper they are writing on. Perfect in restaurants where lighting is usually lessened because of ambiance., 05/13/11
- By Quietgirl From US