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Party 5 1/2" Tambourines

  Great loaners at drum jams
I bought these for people to use at campfires and similar drumming sessions. They are perfect as inexpensive loaners so everybody can join in the rhythm., 01/10/14
- By Hawk of Scythia From US
I use these tambourines with Seniors in a Rehab/nursing home. They enjoyed them and it was a plus that they are not too loud because 12-20 can be using them at once., 12/17/13
- By senior's friend From US
  Perfect for our wedding!
We passed them out towards the end of our daughter's wedding reception. The guests loved them! Played along with the band! Added a fun element!, 06/12/13
- By Mother of the B From US
  Tambourine with Metal Ringers
Will be used at a 46th Year High School reunion on a wine tour bus where we will sing and use kazoos as well as the tambourines. It should be a great memorable time!! It should get crazy, fun!!!!, 06/07/13
- By Bobbipurse From US
  Pleasing colors and sound
These were ordered for a musical program for a women's event. They added tremendously to the program, as they were used as musical accompaniment to 3 guitar players. The women enjoyed them, and their bright , festive colors looked really pretty on the table. Tremendous value for the money., 03/04/13
- By Cathy the Organ From US
  Our clients love these!
We use these for our entertainment business. Our clients like them so much they sometimes don't want to give them back!, 02/22/13
- By CatB From US
  Team Dougan at LIVESTRONG Philly-Rah
These were used to cheer on the Team Dougan walkers, runners, and bikers at LIVESTRONG Philly., 08/26/12
- By Team Dougan's E From US
  Great value and high quality!
We are a camping group called the Gypsies and we are building a float for a parade. We will be using the tambourines as we walk in the parade., 05/13/12
- By Jan From US
  Tambourines for Aerobics class
I use these for my Zumba class and they are great they were just smaller than I expected but they serve the purpose., 05/03/12
- By Tracee From US
  Fun for kids
The tambourines are great for the price! The kids love them! The only downside is that the sound is a little grating. But they were definitely a hit at the party!, 04/20/12
- By J From US
  Great product!
I purchased 60 of these tambourines to accompany a talk I was giving for a women's retreat weekend. They were well received and each woman got to take one home. The women had a lot of fun with playing them the entire weekend. Tambourines are not just for kids! I thought the price was extremely reasonable and it fit my budget perfectly., 03/08/12
- By Carley the spea From US
  Great party favor!
We offered these at my daughters first birthday as a favor for guests. The kids loved them, and they were safe enough for all the babies with adult supervision ofcourse., 09/30/11
- By cindy From US
  They are great for kids!
We purchased these for use of our day care center with toddlers. They love the colors of the tambourines and have so much fun playing with them. You can't beat the price! The durability is okay; of course toddlers will break things, but replacing a couple at this price is not a problem. They are also great to use for prizes and parties., 05/10/11
- By Marissa the Cen From US
  Most expensive does not means the best
We had used this product to make a crazy hour in our employees chritsmas'party. These items helped us to make a lot of noise during the celebration doing people feel very excited and brougt happiness during the event., 01/13/11
- By Harriet From US
Product was used at our Choral Concert., 01/08/11
- By The Director From US
  Great addition to our show!
Children & adults enjoy playing the tambourines during our show. We have an entertainment business, we take our show to nursing homes, independent & assisted living facilities as well as private functions. Everyone loves being a band member!, 11/30/10
- By Miles' Happy Ho From US