Windy City Novelties


Party Kazoos

  Very happy with product, price, shipping
I needed a bunch of inexpensive but good quality kazoos in a hurry. I tried Windy City Novelties after searching several alternatives. I was very pleased with the product, the price I paid, and that they arrived when I was told to expect them., 09/26/13
- By daled From US
  "Who knew a Kazoo solo would ROCK!""
Ordered these for our band Ruby Supreme. There is a bagpipe solo in ""It's a Long Way to The Top if You Wanna Rock and Roll"" by AC/DC. We handed out kazoos to the audience and when it came time for that solo - they did us all proud!!! It was super fun - every single one worked - great quality. The fun part, too, was teaching people how to use one!!! HA!! HUMMMMMMMMMMM HUMMMMMMMM!!, 07/16/13
- By Boom Boom From US
  Big fun!
As good as what I'd buy at a music store for a fraction of the price!, 06/10/13
- By JW From US
  I would buy these again in a heart beat.
I used them in a school program and bought extras in case some didn't work. Out of the 5 dozen we used, ALL of them worked, so I ended up with an extra dozen that I'll use another time. The design allowed me to easily write the children's names on them. The shipping was super fast, too., 04/03/13
- By Jaclyn From US
  Great Kazoos!
I used these kazoos with my students for a Fall Music program. They withstood being used heavily by my students. They got to keep them after the program and I have heard that many students used them a lot at home entertaining their families - like it or not. Thanks for the quick shipment!, 11/20/12
- By litbl From US
  Look no further!
Have ordered three times now from Windy City ... each time for a primary school performance for PTO. Quality of these little kazoos is really good for this type of use. Kazoos always hold up when used by 5 - 8-year-olds! No worries! Sound is great, also! Price is reasonable. I usually just allow users to keep them ... a great treat for good performances! :), 11/09/12
- By Muzikteecher From US
  good kazoos
will use the kazoos in an after school project to encourage an interest in singing and learning to play an instrument., 11/09/12
- By low on money Ca From US
  Great Kazoos!
I bought 48 of these kazoos for a novelty number in our patriotic program. (They played them during Stars and Stripes Forever!) I wanted ones that would sound true to pitch and would hold up with repeated use in our practices. I am very pleased with the quality of these kazoos - the kids loved them and they were a hit with the audience! There were no defective ones out of 48 kazoos. The kids li, 10/25/12
- By Music Teacher From US
  Great item for the price!
Good for something that will be used for a brief moment, like a wedding ceremony send-off, which is what we did., 10/14/12
- By Planner From US
Very good, 08/22/12
- By Teacher From US
I began using kazoos to play tunes for seniors to identify at a care center where I work in Recreation. I bought these to share my delight in music with my very young grandchildren. Together I teach them tunes and they initiate their own for me to repeat. It is great bonding fun. These are of better quality than those I used to buy at the local music store. They arrived very quickly and in ex, 07/16/12
- By Katee From US
  The best price I found
After spending along time researching for kazoos, I found that these were the best priced kazoos for their quality. They were also delivered quite quiclky. So if I need more, I'm definitely coming back here., 04/09/12
- By Jeff From US
  Perfect for our needs
We used these kazoos for a music program with our second graders. They had a good sound and the students loved the bright colors. Worked perfectly for us., 03/18/12
- By Music Educator From US
  Excellent value
I use these in my music lassroom and also in music therapy. These are not the super cheap ones. These work very well and are durable. I lovwe these!, 03/06/12
- By Jacquie the tea From US
  Excellent Kazoos for the price
Fine plastic kazoos (for the price)which were excellent for kazoo carolling. BTW, those of us who take our kazooing seriously are shocked your company describes kazoos as ""noise makers"" vs. musical instruments., 12/27/11
- By firstkazoo From US
  The best budget kazoo
I bought nine dozen kazoos to use for a school play. Only one kazoo broke! There are cheaper kazoos out there. Don't buy them! This is the best budget kazoo., 12/13/11
- By Mr. B From US