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Finger Cymbals

  Lots of Fun
By Mama Lane in US , 11/23/13
Used these for a wedding rehersal dinner at an Indian restaurant. I put their name and the date on them with paint in their wedding colors It was a fun little favor. I also used them for a marching band show that had a middle eastern flair. I put the name of the show and year and it was a memento for the kids to keep. It was a high school marching band and they had alot of fun actually playing the
  1 1/2"" Mini Finger Cymbals
By Finger Cymbal G in US , 10/17/13
Purchased these to have something non-expensive for young persons to use and as a learning instrument for adults who want to learn to use professional finger cymbals. These are perfect for just that. Professional finger cymbals are very expensive and have a much more professional sound, but playing with these first can help you decide if you want to invest in the professional ones. For children
  Just what I needed
By Music teacher in US , 12/25/12
I bought a lot of these for an elementary play and I was not concerned with sound or quality. These were perfect because they looked great, made noise, and were cheap enough for my budget. However, I had to stitch all of the finger elastics much smaller. They were way too big for even me, and my elementary students couldn't begin to use them until I resized them.
  Great product for parties
By Candy in US , 12/14/12
Great items for an Arabian themed party. Good quality
  Awesome toy
By Cool Maw Maw in US , 11/13/12
I totally enjoyed this product. It was a good value and it was a fun music toy for the children I bought it for. Will be buying this product again.
  GREAT Value!
By AmandaK in US , 10/14/12
I bought these to use as my 'Save the Dates' for our wedding next year. We are having a Moroccan themed reception and these will be mailed to our invitees in a small box with a Save the Date card glued to the top of the box and a paisley shaped tag attached to the cymbals inviting guests to bring them to the wedding reception to 'ring out in celebration' of our marriage. They were VERY affordable
  Awesome product!!!
By Lindap in US , 05/07/12
Bought these for a Cinco de Mayo party I hosted for my Red Hat Society group and everyone loved them!!! We had a lot of fun with all the items bought from Windy City. The price was great and the quality really good.
  Excellent Seller, Can't Expect More!
By dmm in US , 01/01/12
Good value. Great party favors. Quality is not high end but they indeed work, they're used / held the same as any expensive high end quality professional Zill. If seeking Professional Musical Instruements, Zills with Quality Tone, then keep looking.
  Exactly what I needed at the right price
By Patty in US , 10/17/11
I needed some inexpensive items to decorate tables at an event. The finger cymbals added just the right touch and at a very affordable price.
By Surfer chick in US , 08/12/11
Super fun at an indian restaurant rehersal dinner painted their names and date on them people had alot of fun playing with them!
  Awesome cymbals!
By Preschool Music in US , 01/31/11
I am a preschool music teacher and I have an ""instrument of the month"" each month where all the lessons, music, and fun centers around learning a certain instrument. The hardest instrument for me to find were cymbals that were made well enough to hold up to preschoolers yet inexpensive enough to be okay if one happened to break. These cymbals are IT! Great quality, the kids love them, [...]
  Was looking for something like this for
By Stefanie in US , 07/08/10
a while. Glad you had them