Windy City Novelties


VIP Entrance Sign Cutout

  party guest VIP
A must have for a VIP party, 06/07/13
- By Vero From US
  This tied my theme together
I threw a ""VIP dance party"" for my 9 year old's birthday and received huge compliments on the Windy City products. High quality! Would purchase again. I combined this with the red carpet and received huge compliments. Thank you!, 05/01/13
- By Tamara From US
  Very nice entrance sign
Used it above the Hollywood Photo Decor, 12/18/12
- By Family Hostess From US
  Grand Welcome
Perfect addition to my themed party., 08/25/12
- By Serendipity From US
  Fine for Price
Nothing to complain about. :) Fits over top of door good. Good price. If you're creative and already have supplies on hand, you could make your own VIP sign though., 07/10/12
- By CoolMOm From US
  Great Sign
Great Cardboard sign, 04/30/12
- By IMS PTO From US
  Great sign
Used it for a rock star party; better and bigger than I expected, and double-sided, 12/04/11
- By partymom From US
  Awesome, inexpensive party addition
Love this! Hung it over our front door for a club-themed party we had. My only concern is that it literally is made of a thin cardboard, so I was worried that the wind would tear the stables out and let it blow away. Also, was worried that if we had rain it would get destroyed., 12/04/11
- By Jamie M. From US
  It made all of our guests feel special!
This sign made every guest feel special when entering our event under it. My only wish would have been that it would have been a little larger., 09/27/11
- By Mon From US
  Fun item!
Loved this for our entrance..wish it was bigger though; would have had more impact. Still, it was a great addition to our decorations!, 08/03/11
- By Kim From US