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Paparazzi Props

  Cheap, but worked.
I used these at a reality show premier. I got large foam board panels from Blick Art Supplies and used double sided tape to attach the paparazzi's overlays. I used the panels along a red carpet to create the effect I wanted. A few wrinkles in the plastic...but the panels photographed well!, 04/05/17
- By Justin From US
  Paparazzi Props
They added a fun factor to our Hollywood themed party. My daughters friends thought they were great. Only drawback...they look better if cut out so it was a bit time consuming cutting out the figures. It is plastic not cardboard but worked well on our walls., 02/16/13
- By BEsik From US
I used this item for a Hollywood themed event, where I took the paparazzi silhouets, proped them on white cardboard so they would be free standing. The props adhered to the cardboard well. Some places offer standing paparazzi props for $60-$80, but I paid WAY less for the paparazzi prop and cardboard to post it on!!!! I also placed the flashing LED lights sold on this website behind the cardboard, 11/06/12
- By t-mak From US
  was great loved it.
used it on each side of doorway, was perfect., 10/18/12
- By Denise From US
  I would buy this product again
This was used in a classroom that was hollywood inspired. It was easy to used regular tape did great holding it up. I am looking for other design to also use in following designs. This was a great product and received quick, 08/21/12
- By T the Parent From US
  paparazzi props
these were amazing once they were hung!!!!, 07/02/12
- By wellzie23 From US
  The BEST!
These are life size and make a wonderful WOW factor. Used at a running event, oscar themed. These are thin plastic w/ the design on them. So, I taped to poster board and then hung them from a solid place. Used hanging from an easel, that worked well too. I put bright yellow, pink and blue behind them - they all looked great., 07/01/12
- By Helen From US
  Very cool!
Using these with the LED flashing lights to simulate flash bulbs. Haven't used them yet, but they look very cool. The kids will be excited for the ""red carpet"" event!, 06/03/12
- By Decorating Comm From US
  Great Effects!
These were awesome!! It felt like the paparazzi was at the party. We bought the white LED flashing balloon lights and taped them to the back of this and it was so cool. It looked like cameras were flashing in the room., 05/14/12
- By Sweet 16's Mom From US
  Great look on large glass windows!
I cut a slit in the white ""bulb"" in the picture and taped about 4 ""lit"" LED bulbs which were each taped to a CR2032 battery from the back. Looked REALLY cool once it was dark outside!, 04/27/12
- By momto3 From US
  Papparazzi cut outs
Good backdrop or way to add ambience to the party, 12/24/11
- By Mickimouse97 From US
  Changed my Mind
At first I was disappointed that these were not cardboard cut outs but they really stood out on the wall and added the perfect touch to my daughter's Hollywood Premiere themed birthday party., 10/29/11
- By Party Planning From US
They need a background - we taped them to walls beside locker room doors, restroom doors, fun -, 07/11/11
- By golfer From US
Should have bought two sets to be really effective. Placed them on the garage door by the Red Carpet entrance for guests. Looked really cute., 06/05/11
- By Boston Queen From US
  great addition to the party
Since this is a plastic sheet it must be attached to a wall or door. Would be nice if they were cardboard cut outs that could be placed in better locations around the room., 05/10/11
- By PTO mom From US