Windy City Novelties


Upper Deck Stadium Room Roll

  Great scenery
By Joan the Bone in US , 08/12/13
The only problem we had with this product was getting it to stay up on the wall. We tried the tacky stuff, but it came down twice. We finally used a lot of masking tape and that held it. We added black paper below to make a race track and bought the Insta-theme race car props to drive on the track. It looks great.
  Awesome product
By Concierge in US , 08/12/12
Used this to cover the walls of a long hallway in our outpatient clinic. We then set up ""Olympic Games"" for patients to play while waiting for appointments. The effect was like they were playing in a stadium with cheering fans. Worked perfectly! However, the plastic is very thin so best used by hanging it across a solid wall. If you were trying to cover something like signs or pictures, they wou
  Great room changer
By Camp Decorator in US , 08/12/12
Works great with the lower stadium seating. Really changes the environment with just one decoration!!! Fantastic.
  This is amazing. I would buy it again.
By Rockdiver in US , 07/07/12
We used this item for our Vacation Bible School. It was awesome. It really set the theme, easy to hang, light weight, looked great and was folded up and reused two more times at other churches. It was easy to cut yet very durable. We would order this product every year if it fit our theme. I would use this product for personal celebrations we well.
  this made decorating classroom simple!
By teacher in US , 07/17/11
Used this to decorate for Vacation Bible school with a NASCAR theme
  Football Party
By Jennifer in US , 03/22/11
Very fun addition to the Super Bowl party. Install on wall behind TV and add balloons.