Windy City Novelties


Solar System Swirls

  Watch where you put Uranus
It was a huge hit. Young teens had WAY too much fun with Uranus, but what are you going to do? Real sweet way to give your child the Universe., 11/17/12
- By Pati From US
  Great Decorations
Great Decorations for our Sci Fi Fall Social. They added alot of impact to a big room without a lot of money., 12/04/11
- By CGS Mom From US
  Very nice
We used these at a Star Wars themed birthday party for a six year old. They were really nice and I was pleased when I saw them. They were longer than I expected them to be and the planets were larger than I expected. I assumed they would be similar size to items I have purchased in the past that are like them. The blue twirl was really pretty. I would hang them on a high ceiling or they will hit p, 07/27/11
- By Mom From US
  love them!
Makes my son's room look cool!, 11/16/10
- By dee the mom From US
  out of space room
This item was great for a party for my son out of space theme. Then I used them in his room for decorations. Looks great with the glow in the dark stars that I also purchase from WCN, 07/26/10
- By Agnes From US