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Ring in a New Sporting Season with Noisemakers!

Ring in a New Sporting Season with Noisemakers!


It's time to make some noise for Windy City Novelties' custom imprinted cowbells, clappers, tambourines, maracas, stadium horns, drums, whistles, and megaphones! What better way to draw attention to your business or cause than by putting your message or logo on noisemakers - items that are already designed to attract attention? Custom imprinted noisemakers make great giveaways at community expos, bestsellers at school booster club fund raising events, and fun spirit items at sales meetings and conventions. With so many amazing noise-making items to choose from, you are sure to find one just right for any event that needs to be livened up!

It doesn't matter how many you have, there is always a need for more cowbell! The 3 Inch Silver Metal Cowbells have a traditional modified triangle shape with a metal loop handle to hold onto while you are ringing. A custom logo or message from your own uploaded artwork can be imprinted in a 1 ½ by 2 inch pad on the front and back of the cowbell or a 1 1/8 inch square on the side of the cowbell. The 3 inch metal cowbells will be a hit at outdoor music festivals. Use the cowbells, imprinted with your favorite team's name, to destroy the concentration of the competition at sporting events, too. The cowbells are available in silver, black, red, purple, navy blue, orange, dark green, pink, blue, white, maroon, and yellow. They are sold by the dozen. You can also find cowbells in sports shapes, including football, baseball, basketball and soccer.

Cheer your favorite team on in style with a custom designed stadium horn. The 28 Inch Blue Stadium Horn collapses to 15 inches, making it easy to put in a purse or tote when going to the big game. The plastic stadium horn is not a real instrument but will greatly amplify any sound you make through the mouthpiece. Send Windy City Novelties your custom artwork or message to be imprinted in up to four ink colors in an approximately 2-inch square on either side of the bell, or flare. Custom imprinting can also be done on an approximately 1 by 2 inch pad on the lower shaft of the stadium horn. The stadium horns are also available in green, red, orange, black, yellow, purple, or light blue. They are sold individually.

Megaphones don't have to be mega-sized to make a lot of noise. Cheerleaders will look too cute revving up the crowd with the White Megaphone – 9 Inch. The white plastic megaphone comes with a white nylon breakaway lanyard. Have the megaphones imprinted with your custom artwork on a 1 7/8-inch pad on the side. You can use up to four stock ink colors or have a custom color blended for an extra cost. The megaphones would also be great for taking to political speeches and conventions – the better to drown out speakers from the opposing party. Have your candidate's name and slogan imprinted on the megaphones. The 9-inch megaphones are also available in blue, red, pink, black, yellow, and orange. They are sold by the piece.

Clappers are a more genteel way of making some noise while still being a lot of fun. Have you ever been to a church service where you would really like to clap for the performers, but look around and see everyone else with their hands in their laps? How great would it be to have clappers imprinted with your church name and place them discreetly in the pews? The 7 Inch Hand Clappers – Choose Your Color are great for any occasion where you want to show your appreciation without being rowdy. The 7-inch hand clappers are three small plastic hands, fingers spread wide, hinged by the “wrist” on a handle. Wave the handle back and forth and the hands will clap together. The hand clappers can be custom imprinted with a logo or message from your submitted artwork on a 1 ¼ by 1 ½ inch pad on the back of the hand. The hand clappers are available in a number of color combinations. They are sold by the dozen. They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes!

Glitter, sparkle and shine on Cinco de Mayo while keeping the beat with the Mariachi band using Windy City Novelties' fun and fancy maracas. The 7” Glitter Maracas have glitter embedded in the translucent plastic casing. Have the glitter maracas custom imprinted with your restaurant name and logo in a 2 by 1-inch area on the side of the maraca bulb. The glitter maracas come in an assortment of colors. They are sold by the dozen pair (24 pieces), with each pair individually poly bagged.

The Blue LED Maracas will be a big hit at a Quincenera party. Have the 6-inch maracas custom imprinted with the birthday girl's name and date in a 1 ¾ by 3/4-inch area on the bulb. The translucent blue plastic maracas light up with two high-powered LEDs – 1 red and 1 blue - inside the handle. The lights will blink and flash while you dance the night away. Each of the blue LED maracas come with a 30-inch rainbow lanyard so you can hang them around your neck or dangle them from light fixtures in colorful bunches as party decorations. The maracas come with batteries included and installed. They are sold in color assortments of one dozen.

All good groupies need a Flashing White LED Tambourine custom imprinted with their favorite band's name or logo. Concert promoters and outdoor music festival vendors will want to stock up on these flashing tambourines which can be custom imprinted right in the center of the “drum” surface. The 5 3/4-inch tambourines are made of white plastic, each with 24 high-powered LEDs in red, blue, and green, which have six light functions. The flashing tambourines come with three AAA batteries included and installed. They are sold by the piece.

The 7” Noise Drums are rather unique noisemakers that are great for concerts, sporting events, or New Year's Eve celebrations. The 7-inch drum consists of a plastic-rimmed drum skin on a handle. The drum has two beads attached by string on either side that strike the drum when the user moves the handle. The drum can be imprinted with custom artwork inside a 2-inch circle on the drum surface. The drums are sold by the dozen in color assortments of blue, black, white, red, and green. Bags of single colors are also available.

Young fans of Thomas the Tank Engine will love getting Wooden Train Whistles in their birthday party loot bags. The whistles, which would make a great vending item for train museum gift shops, are made of unfinished wood imprinted with a line drawing of a train in red ink. The opposite side of the long, block whistle is available for custom imprinting with a message or logo. The old-fashioned whistles are sold by the dozen.

So many reasons to make some noise – so little time! At Windy City Novelties, you can find just the right noisemaker to fit any occasion, and make the event even more special by taking advantage of the fast custom imprinting option.

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