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The Hunger Games Party Ideas

The Hunger Games Party Ideas


Ever since the trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 came out, the countdown until the premiere has begun. The second part of the final installment of The Hunger Games trilogy will make its debut to America on Friday, November 20th. If you’re a Hunger Games fanatic, invite your friends over for a Hunger Games Premiere Party before catching the showing. Or, if you know someone that is a huge fan, throw them a Hunger Games Birthday Party for their upcoming birthday. Decorate your party space as the Hunger Games arena, serve up some treats and partake in fun and competitive activities with your guests! Here are a few ideas for throwing a Hunger Games Party.  


Decorate your party space with forest or jungle theme decorations. 

Although the fourth Hunger Games film differes slightly from the first two films, you can decorate your party space as one of the Hunger Games arenas from the first two films. Use a jungle scene setter to instantly create a forest-like scene. Set your scene setter on an open wall in your party space. You could also set it behind the food table, but you may want to use other decorations for that section of the party.

In one area of the party space, hang several silver paper lanterns—these will look like the parachutes with gifts from the sponsors that the tributes receive during the games. Attach small cardboard boxes to the bottom of the lanterns, or attach supplies such as a spile, bread and other Hunger Games necessities.


In the entranceway of the party, hang a giant Mockingjay symbol above the doorway. You can make your own by printing out an image of the pendant and tracing it onto a piece of cardboard. Cut out the symbol and then paint it gold. Let it dry and hang it up! You can also make arrows from cardboard and place them as decorations on the walls of your party area—or if you don’t have time to create your own, you can use toy arrows to hang onto your walls.

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If you would like more decorations around your party space, stick to a particular color theme. Gold, red and orange decorations will work well as a color scheme for a Hunger Games party.


Serve Hunger Games inspired snacks to your guests.

Set up a buffet table to serve your party food on. Make appetizer-like foods, since you and your guests will most likely be visiting with friends and snacking. When decorating your buffet table, continue with the color scheme from the rest of the party décor. Drape a mixture of red, yellow and orange crepe paper streamers behind the buffet table. You can either have them hang from the ceiling to the floor, or you can weave them together and drape them behind or off of the buffet table. Hang orange and red fluffy paper decorations above the table. Then, place gold balloons along the back of the table.

Serve some of the foods you see them eat in The Hunger Games films, such as berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries—as a type of fruit salad), bread rolls, stew, a salad with lettuce, apples, nuts and goat cheese, and white rose cupcakes, among other foods. Serve them on gold paper plates and napkins.


Entertain your guests with Hunger Games activities.

Split your guests up into teams of two—or two tributes from several different districts—and have them compete against each other in an activity. Kids would enjoy participating in a team Hunger Games scavenger hunt or a Hunger Games obstacle course outdoors. Adults might enjoy competing against each other in Hunger Games trivia. Find out how well your guests know The Hunger Games books or films by asking them a series of Hunger Games questions. When there is one district left standing, break them apart and have them compete against each other in the last round of trivia questions, just as they would in the Hunger Games.  


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