LED Golf Flag Marker

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Our 14" LED Golf Flag Marker utilizes (3) high-powered LEDs built into a soft foam baton that creates a 7-color combo morphing light show. This item has a slit down one side designed to attach slip over a flag pole. Priced and packed by the single piece, please order in increments of one marker. (3) AG-13 batteries are included, installed, and replaceable. Please note: this item is intended to attach directly to the pole and DOES NOT include a flag.

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  Excelent Visibility
By Pogo in US , 10/18/13
Attach to flagpole- easily seen from a long way from the green.
By Pickle ball ric in US , 09/21/13
I plat urban golf. This flag marker on small courses around town are so fun. We were using glow sticks that are more expensive , less efficient, and therefor green.
  Worked Great for Glow Golf
By Vicki in US , 09/02/13
I was a little confused when I saw the product because it was buried in a foam shell/baton (which is referenced in the description), but not obvious when you look at the illustration of the product. I assumed the foam was packing and tried to remove it. Only when I pulled the little LED lights loose did I realize that the foam is part of the item and the lights simply shine through it. This is
  what a hoot!
By Patrick L, in US , 10/21/12
We had 5 couples over for night golf a couple of weeks ago. We looked on the internet for night golf balls and equipment-got it all ordered, and it arrived. 3 of the balls didn't work-the company immediately sent 3 replacements-no questions asked! All of the products were top quality, and the event was quite a success!--I'd recommend this company and their products to anyone

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  • LED Golf Flag Marker

$4.75 Each