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The Top 10 Party Supplies for Classroom Decorating

The Top 10 Party Supplies for Classroom Decorating


As teachers—and most parents, I’m sure—are acutely aware, the school year is about to begin. Some teachers have already begun preparing for the new year, including decorating their classrooms to create and friendly and inviting environment for a group of new and eager to learn students. However, there may be a few teachers that have their lesson plans completed, but have yet to decorate their classrooms. Instead of spending hard-earned money on costly office supplies in order to put together a classroom, you can use inexpensive party supplies to decorate your classroom! Coordinate your decorations to create a themed classroom setting, or use matching decorations to put together a general and simple classroom setting. Take a look at the top 10 party supplies to use for decorating a classroom!


1. Garland to use as border rolls

Rather than using traditional border rolls to line the outsides of your blackboard, whiteboard or bulletin boards, use fun and exciting garland! Use scalloped garland in bright colors to make your boards pop, or try metallic fringe garland that will surely grab the attention of the students. You can use garland that will match your classroom theme, as well. For instance, if you plan to start the year off with a sporty theme, emphasizing being a “team player,” use a football garland to line the chalkboard.


2. Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a decoration that instantly brightens up a room. Hang them from the ceiling around the classroom to add color and flair. You can also turn your paper lanterns into themed decorations by adding a few characteristics. Turn your paper lanterns into hot air balloons for an “Up and Away” theme, or add a little construction paper to make paper lantern fish for an under the sea theme.


3. Crepe paper streamers

Crepe paper streamers are another decoration that is simple, yet can be used in a number of ways to enhance any type of party of classroom setting. Use the crepe paper streamers as an alternative to curtains above the windows in your classroom. Hang crepe paper streamers, alternating various colors, from the top of the window pane, part them down the middle and secure each side with a ribbon. The students will love them!


4. Birthday candle cutouts

Children love their birthdays. Highlight each student’s birthday on a special birthday board or wall using birthday candle cutouts. List out each month of the year, and place a candle under the months of the appropriate students, writing their names and birth date on each candle. This will also help you to see if you have a number of birthdays in one week that can be compiled into a one-day celebration in the classroom.


5. Fluffy tissue decorations for a “learning tree”

Every teacher could use a decorative tree in their classroom, whether you use it as a reading area or choose it as an entire classroom theme. And you don’t have to call it a learning tree—it can be a “reading tree,” a “dreaming tree,” or incorporated into a “Branch out in your learning!” classroom theme. Use brown construction paper to fashion the trunk and branches of the tree, and hang variations of green fluffy decorations to act as the leaves. So simple, yet so cute!

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6. Bug cutout decorations

An insect theme is always a safe and fun theme to use for classroom decorating. Decorate your classroom with trees (see #5) and other nature items. Add bug cutouts around the classroom, or place them all onto one wall with each student’s name written on each one. You can use a “The Buzz About 3rd Grade,” theme, or a “The Busy Bees of Mrs. Lee’s 3rd Grade Class.”


7. Balloons

Balloons—because what kid doesn’t love balloons?! Use balloons as a welcoming for the first day of school, or incorporate balloons into your classroom theme! As mentioned earlier, you can use an “Up and Away” theme by crafting a hot air balloon bucket out of construction paper and using a variety of (real) balloons to sub for the hot air balloon. Write each child’s name on the balloons!


8. Hollywood decorations

A Hollywood theme is unique for a classroom, but it’s a theme the students could really enjoy. Create a Hollywood theme decorated wall with “Mrs. Smith’s Shining Stars” or “Roll Out The Red Carpet For Mrs. Smith’s 4th Graders.” Write the names of the students on golden star cutouts.


9. Popcorn cutouts

You can dissect the Hollywood theme into a movie or motion film theme to use for your classroom, instead. Use popcorn cutouts as the children’s nametags, and incorporate them into a “Look Who’s Popping Into 2nd Grade” theme.


10. Scene setters

Scene setters will instantly create a themed setting in a classroom. Choose a scene setter that fits with your classroom theme and secure it to an entire open wall in your classroom. You can place or hang other decorations or office supplies on top of it. This is an easy (and cheap) way to decorate a part of your classroom!


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