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The Top 10 Party Tips for Throwing a Frozen Party

The Top 10 Party Tips for Throwing a Frozen Party


Although Disney’s animated film, Frozen, debuted over a year ago, individuals all over the world are still infatuated with the film. If you haven’t already thrown the little princess or prince in your life a Frozen themed party, you have to do so before the film loses its popularity—or before the second one comes out! With winter right around the corner, it is the perfect time for a Frozen, winter wonderland themed celebration—maybe for a holiday party, or to keep the kids entertained over the long holiday break. Or, if your little one has a birthday coming up, throw them a Frozen birthday bash for their special day. The following tips and ideas will help you put together your Frozen party, from the invitations to the goodie bags!  


1. Send out the coolest invites ever.

Invite your child's friends to your Frozen party by asking them if they would “like to build a snowman,” like one of the hit songs from the film. Include a plastic baggy of three large, white marshmallows for the body; two small pretzel sticks for the arms; a piece of candy corn for the nose; a few brown M&Ms for the buttons; and two small, white marshmallows for the feet.

2. Create the illusion of a blizzard with a fun snowball decoration.

What better way to welcome guests to your Frozen party than with a blizzard? Find a roll of clear, plastic twine and a bag of cotton balls. String the cotton balls onto the pieces of twine, spacing them several inches apart from each other--you can add more than one cotton ball to make the “snowflakes” differ in size. Hang the snowball strands from the ceiling of your entranceway or party area, and you have yourself a homemade blizzard that the kids are sure to love! For an extra touch, lay down a fake blanket of snow below the snowball strands to make it appear as if some snow has already fallen on the party area.

3. Set the scene of your party area with twinkling lights.

Form a magical backdrop for the party area, either on a plain wall that can also serve as a photo booth section, or behind the snack table. Start with strands of white lights (twinkling or constant on) and hang them vertically from the ceiling or wall on which they will hang against, or drape them horizontally using pins or hooks to keep the strands in place. In front of the lighting, hang sheer white pieces of tulle, chiffon, or any other semi-transparent material.

4. Set up a snack table with colors of blue and white.

The Frozen party color scheme should be light blue, white and silver, similar to a winter storm. Use a snowflake printed table cover to set the base for the snack table or dining table. If you’d like more snow for the party decorations, use another fake blanket of snow to layer on top of the table cover, making sure the skirt portion of the table cover is seen.


5. Use vases of glitter branches as table centerpieces.

Craft your own shimmering centerpieces to place on the snack table or dining table! Do so by collecting about 2 ft. long branches and twigs that have fallen off of trees in your backyard, or purchase some artificial ones at your local craft store. Coat the branches with glue and sprinkle them with light blue or silver glitter. Let them dry and then stick them into vases, using white cotton balls as the vase-filler. Place them on the back sides of your snack table as decorations, or down the center of your dining table as centerpieces. To make them shine ever more, wrap a strand of lights around the vase. The light will catch the glimmer of the glitter!

6. Hang a banner in the party space.

Above the snack table and against the white lights backdrop, drape a Frozen “Happy Birthday” banner to wish the birthday princess a wonderful birthday! If the party isn’t for a birthday, simply construct your own banner with the letters F-R-O-Z-E-N in colors that will match the rest of the party décor. Be creative!


7. Serve fun Frozen themed snacks.

You can serve a variety of snacks that will fit well with the Frozen theme. Serve blue kool-aid, white and blue rock candy, Olaf shaped cookies, and much more. You can also serve other types of food, just be sure that the cake is Frozen themed!

8. Serve these cool snacks on Frozen themed paper goods.

Use matching snowflake paper plates to serve cake and other treats to the kids. They’ll love looking at the different characters while eating! Accompany your paper plates with Frozen napkins and paper cups.  


9. Keep the kids entertained with Frozen games.

Have the kids participate in a mixture of games that fit with the Frozen, winter wonderland theme. Pin the Tail on the Donkey is always a fun game to play, only for this party, have them play pin the nose on Olaf!


10. Send the kids home with exciting party favors.

And last, but not least, thank your guests for attending your party by sending them home with Frozen goodie bags. Toss in some fun items for the kids to play with, such as Frozen tiaras, tattoos, noisemakers, glow sticks, and more! 

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